Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Update October

With time passing so quickly, I take this time to savor the fleeting October sunshine. Enjoying the crisp breezes, snuggling in for the winter to come.

It's hard to plant mums when you still have mounds of impatients, zinnias and marigolds still in full flower. Until the frost, I think I'll let them be.

Have you seen this quilt in a bag? It's a little something I bought for myself. It's not really a quilt but a printed quilty thingy, very pretty and warm. It's been washed and put on the bed, and I made pillowcases to match. Even though no one will see it except me and my guy, it makes me happy.

Today, I'll put out my few Halloween decorations, for the little bird. She's all about this Halloween thing, talking of bats and candy.
Mostly, I'm just gonna enjoy today, a nap sounds great and a long walk on our new path...
Oh, the delicious pleasure of a October weekend.
Go Bears!!!

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Rebecca said...

Hi Penny
That sounds like a wonderful day, I spent most of Sunday at the flea market and found a couple of treasures but nothing too spectacular. It was fun looking.
I love the fall, most of us do I think, hard not to.