Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Cleanup Quick Craft

I didn't loaf around the whole weekend. We started the fall cleanup around the old homestead. While my assistant got the chainsaw working, I was crafting! We have plenty of wild grapevines. In fact, one tried to take my life by tripping me! I flew at least six feet before I hit ground. Luckily, I'm build like, well, let's just say I'm sturdy. Anyway, back to the craft... I have this Annabelle hydrangea that grew to immense proportions this year. There are many beautiful dried flower heads still on the bush. I made a grapevine wreath by twisting the vines into a circle, and then cut hydrangea blossoms, inserting them and wrapping their stems into the grapevine. It's not an original idea, I saw it in an old Debbie Mumm Autumn book. It's so pretty, easy and free.

I love the way broom corn looks, and my local nursery has beautiful bunches. The only problem is the squirrels that also love the seeds. Many a time I've scared a squirrel munching away, or should I say, they have scared me!

I've played with the mantle a bit and decided the mirror, leaves, lights and hurricanes will be lovely till Thanksgiving... just 50 or so days away... I've got so much to do! I also have a Craft Auction that my Women's Club sponsors in November, and my Guild is hosting the event. I won't complain since I love a project, and have 23 fantastic women to help. Have you ever hosted an similar event? I'd love to hear any tips you might have to make it special, welcoming and successful. Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate your comments and kind words. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Anne Marie said...

hi penny! i really like those first two photos! super!!!!

going nuts over here......see you in a few days though!
anne marie

sugar Creek said...

All of if is so pretty!