Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Apple Time

Thanks to a post by Urban Farmgirl, we found a apple orchard. It's called Edwards and is the coolest place. We went on a Sunday, something we wouldn't do again. There were hundreds of people there, and we went early! We couldn't figure out where to go to pick our own apples, so we bought a few bags at the big barn. There we found the brochure, which suggests a visit during the week. ;-)

They have great vintage signs and displays. This was a display of Aspen brand mulling spices, actually manufactured in Aspen, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Wish I had a better photo, this barn was ginoruous. (Hey, that reminds me, it's almost time to watch "ELF" again!) Pumpkins, gourds, apples, cider, treats, gifts, decorations, candles... It was Autumn nirvana.

I have to remember to save all my pumpkin stems from this year's pumpkins, so I can make some of these next year...So pretty!

So I have all those apples, and a husband with a taste for pie... It's a perfect day for baking...
I think it's his lucky day!

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Pamela said...

Hi Penny!!

Oh how I love apples!! My favourite fruit. I eat an apple every single day!! I just bought a bag of Spartan and MacIntosh today. I am going to bake an apple crisp. I love apple pie but I've yet to make one! I think i will attempt to this weekend.
Too bad you didn't live closer so you could help me!
Have a wonderful weekend...I can already smell your pie!
Pamela xo