Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baking Bowls for The Auction

I've been making things for the auction that my Guild participates in every year. This year we are having a silent auction at the event, so I made a few things. I make about 40 gift type baskets each year. I help a dear friend. She purchases or collects donations for the baskets and she lets me go. You get pretty good at something you do so often.

For this baking bowl, I collected inexpensive items. I purchased the bowls at Ikea, the cookie cutters and the wooden spoons. I saw that Betty Crocker has been advertising how versatile their cookie mixes are, and can be changed with simple additions. The recipe cards were in Midwest Living. I color copied them, and laminated them and used them as a decoration on the bow. I included the andes mint pieces and mini chocolate chips, and cookie mix needed for the recipes. I added some sprinkles and 2 gingerbread ornaments, silicone spatula and measuring cups.

I did a smaller version for our Guild Christmas auction.

Today my "Sweeney Sister" Laura is coming to lunch and bringing her wonderful Mom. We're celebrating Laura's birthday, and I made them each a lil' basket of autumn goodies. Laura is the person I would most like to live next door to me. She doesn't craft, or cook or bake or decorate or hunt for junk, but she is the best! We've been through everything together, met under the worst circumstances and have managed to stay close for over 20 years. Do you remember the Sweeney Sisters from SNL? They were lounge singers, in sparkly dresses that sang horrible medleys, but always ended the set with the Trolley Song...Clang, clang, clang went the trolley...ring, ring, ring when the bell... We both loved that bit and have been the Sweeney Sisters ever since. (No sparkly dresses, some bad singing) More soon with all the crafts I'm making for the auction. Thanks for stopping by, your comments make my day.

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