Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frankenkitchen, designed by me!

In the 16 years we've lived in our house, I've changed many things in our kitchen, but we've never done a complete remodel. We removed several cabinets, changed the counter top and sink, hung different light fixtures. We even took out the in wall oven and had a carpenter make a custom cabinet to fit the space. I put in the flooring, had the cook top removed, purchased a free standing stove and movable island cart. We had a trash compactor!? Never used it once, got rid of that. This spring we had new windows installed. Nothing matches or lines up. The microwave is not centered over the stove, because then the dishwasher wouldn't open.

In the space where a L shaped cabinet sat, there are now open shelves that I filled with IKEA metal baskets. I've painted the cabinets so many times. Top one green, bottom one cream, black bottoms, green tops, and now all black cabinets. The walls have been this yellow with a ochre wash for a while. Now I have one blue wall by the window, wyeth blue that I have in the rest of the house.

It's a mixed up, mismatched kitchen. Someday we'll gut the whole thing, but today...I LOVE MY KITCHEN.

It works beautifully, and reflects who I am... A little mixed up, mismatched, not quite centered, leaning to the left work in progress. My dear husband says that our quirks make us who we are. This kitchen is filled with quirks, and then, so am I.;-) Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

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Jennifer Rizzo said...

Penny,I LOVE your black cabinets. I would've done that in mine if it wasn't so dark already.

Pamela said...

and all that said is what makes your kitchen beautiful! I really like your kitchen Penny! It is homey , warm and I find the decor and colours lovely. I like the black cupboards!
I just posted about my friends kitchen...very clean lined perfect no clutter , beautiful. But if it were mine I would have it filled to the brim with stuff because that is who i am!
The best kitchens are ones that reflect that people in them!
Pamela xo