Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Winter Weekend

As you can see from my photos, I've been busy.  This weekend is a bake sale to benefit our Women's Club.  For the first time it is near Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays.  I saw this cute trick somewhere, using a 9 ounce clear plastic cup to package cupcakes.  As usual I went a little crazy, but for a good cause. 

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry official samplers gave them a thumbs up.

I bought a Valentine's Day box of rice krispie treats, 40 little squares.  I put them on a stick and dipped in the vanilla melts and then in sprinkles. 

They look cute all dolled up.

Once I get going it's hard to stop.
The winds were blowing and the snow was flying all day yesterday.  Both of our sons were traveling in the storm.  That gave me nervous energy, and I was grateful for a constructive outlet.
Something about a February snowstorm, and we've had a few on Valentine's Day in the past.  I feel like asking, where have you been all winter? We could have used you around the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh well, glad I kept the wreath hanging on the rocker out front.
 Sure looks pretty frosted with snow.
Everyone made it to their destinations and back safely, thank goodness...reminds me how fortunate we are to have a warm home waiting for us.  Blessed to have my dearest to share my weekend with, and grateful for you dear reader.  Hope that you are warm and safe today too. Have a great weekend.

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Aunt Barb said...

Good luck with the bake sale. Everything looks so good and really festive. I like the rice krispy idea.

We had a snowy blast yesterday also and COLD. Welcome home for me. Sure does feel goood snuggy in our house though!

Enjoy your weekend dear friend!

Jill said...

All of your treats are adorable and sound oh so good!

Thanks for the reminds me of winter is supposed to look like. :)

Debby said...

Such yummy looking treats. Love the cup idea.
Love snow. We got a good one last night but the temps are cold. It's okay because it is Feb.

Lynne said...

You are creativity galore. Love the rice crispy treats. Now sit back and let hubby and your boys pamper you with sweetness!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Love the cup "trick" and might just have to make the Krispie treats!