Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Signs of Spring

I have to check out the windows at the Pottery Barn each time we walk the mall.  In the gloom of February were the first signs of spring.  If you're a fan of PB like I am, you look forward to the changing of the windows and the fresh look at the season to come. Sometimes, it just one little thing that stands out.  I love the chargers with the tiny eggs tucked in around the edges. Other times, it's everything, the combination of items, the color.  This palette is soft, the accessories are plants and candles.  How could you go wrong!
 I always think of what I have to get this same feeling...  It's the inspiration I appreciate the most.
Taking pictures keeps it fresh in my memory.  It doesn't cost a thing to look, and I try to keep my drooling to a minimum, to keep my dearest from being embarrassed. ;-) Inspiration is free for the taking, and the folks at PB never disappoint.

Have a great day my friends!


Lynne said...

I like knowing others who "click a peek" to jog their memory later on . . . I have so many images swimming in my brain right now, I don't know which one to do first.

Love white on white . . ., how about you?

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Penny, I do love PB! Thanks for the little peek at Spring! I can't wait! We do have some flowers already blooming in Texas and I'm thrilled about that. I am not ready for hot weather and hope we do have a spring some pleasant weather.

Happy I found your blog!