Monday, July 23, 2012

Cool and Green and Shady

Saturdays, holidays, easy afternoon
Lazy days, summer days, nothing much to do
Rainy days are better days, for hanging out inside
Rainy days and city ways make me want to hide
Someplace cool and green and shady

Find yourself a piece of grassy ground
Lay own close your eyes
Find yourself and maybe lose yourself
While your free spirit flies

August skies, lullaby's, promises to keep
Dandelions and twisting vines, clover at your feet
Memories of Aspen leaves, trembling on the wind
Honeybees and fantasies
Where to start again

Someplace cool  and green and shady...

Cool and green and shady...
 John Denver

Gosh I miss John Denver... So much a part of my life when I was young and still today.  With another 100 degree day ahead of me, this song came to mind.  When every picture I choose today was green, it all came together.

The weekend report...Grandpa built a crib, (a beautiful crib given to G-Ma from a dear and generous friend) photos soon. Grandma is trying to clean her creative space as it has been neglected for many months.  Finding all kinds of WIP's, fabric, supplies and inspiration.  Our baby grand, sweet p. is now two months old.  She'll be here for a visit soon, and these empty arms are aching for some snuggle time.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Debby said...

Will Baby Penny have her own wing at your home for her visits. Have fun spoiling her.

Lynne said...

Love the photos Penny, especially the first one. What?

Excited to see the crib . . . over the moon excited to know soon your arms are going to be cuddling!


Jill said...

Lovely photos and thoughts of that sweet baby!