Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Progress...

Cleaning and changing things up in my office/craft room/studio.  I've been collecting clip boards for this wall for a while.  Found another large one after this photo was taken. 

I've got so much stuff.

Some is sentimental, like this tote from my first ever blog event.  It still has all the things that the other girls shared, from handmade soap to vintage paper... the talented Jen Rizzo made the tote.  In many ways that blog event is why I'm typing these words to you now...  A life changing event.  The tote stays!

As things settle in, I'll just mess it up again... But there is something about working in a clean, neat space... Just one table to go and I've completed a 360 around the room.  Found so many things I forgot I had, and tossed some, organized most. 

If you are neat, and put things away as you use them, and cast off the junk as it accumulates, I salute you.  That is not me.  We are heading into prime crafting season.  I've got a bug to quilt, my stamps and paper are calling me.  Sweet p. needs a scrapbook, and a Christmas quilt, and I want a flannel throw for the couch, and there's a footstool to upholster, crochet projects to complete... I've got a whole house to clean, I come here to create... You get the picture. More tomorrow!

Rain!  We got walloped by a storm this morning.  It's a great day to get things done!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Barb said...

I hear you sister! My craft room is a disaster. Not one clean surface. Why is that? My friend Dawn has spotless surfaces...everything in its place. I admire her. I just have so much going on...jump from one thing to another.

No rain on the other side of the pond!

Jill said...

You scared me! I thought your crafting area was always so neat and tidy. I'm a slob when I craft. ha! Everything looks wonderful!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

My table is so covered in jewelry pieces/ supplies/tools, etc. that you can't even see the table let alone use it! Time to get out of this funk and clean up! Your room looks great!

Lynne said...

I don't have a craft room but when I am making something for dinner, I have every pan, bowl, spoon, spatula visable/used/dirty. It is a disaster. I try to be a "neatnic", I really do, but it lasts for a couple seconds and whamo, flour is flying, pans are piling up before my eyes. I have to be the mezziest cook in the world.

Hubby just shakes his head and says "there she goes again!"

I clean up really, really great though . . .

So, happy you sorted and cleaned a bit and I will totally understand when it gets messy . . . AGAIN!