Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update & Clouds

I just can't get enough...clouds.  This weekend we finally got some much needed rain.  It was a relief to hear rain and thunder, and things started to green up right away. 

We need more rain to satisfy the farmers here in Illinois.  They desperately need rain for their corn crops.  I heard on the news that many farmers here have no crop insurance against drought.  It hasn't been a issue here in past years.
 Maybe a rain dance is in order...
 It's clouds illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds, at all...   Joni Mitchell

I saw an ad in the out grandma's house...fabric!  It was close by so DH drove me over.  I picked through bags and bags of fabric.  Most were samples.  I saw this bark cloth and held it to my chest.  This is not vintage, but oh so close.  I went through all the bags and was selective on what I choose.
 Taking only the fabric I would use.

The pieces are large.  Plenty for several pillows.

 Some pillow case cuffs...

 A few nubby hand towels, a assortment of fine fabrics.  When I put the stack on the table, the lady said, Three dollars?  YES!

Then serendipity struck.  There was a box with items for .25.  I found this needlepoint pillow, with a W! (our name starts with a W!) Here it is already machine washed and fluffed.  Just beautiful...and then these handkerchief's with P embroidered...

I think they were waiting for me...  Have a great day my friends.


Jill said...

You really got some lovely fabrics!

I love the clouds too. You got some lovely shots.

Debby said...

The fabric looks like upholstry fabric. Maybe grandma did that kind of work.
Love the hankies and the pillow. Yes, it was meant to be.
We got a sprinkle last night. Hardly anything. We sure could use rain. It's always a worry when you have a well.
I finished one coat on the shelf. It dried so fast in the heat. If I left it with one coat it would look good. But going to do another coat. I am using Duck Egg the name.
Have a great week.

Lynne said...

Love it when serendipity comes for a visit . . . Special treasures my dear!

my little cottage said...

nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue other bloggers looking for to visit more...blessings