Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I'm starting to see table tops and floor.  A good sign. Table skirting, that's what I need, right?

Truth in blogging...BEFORE, sewing side.

AFTER... I even put back  my second bulletin board that I had to remove when moving things around.

Crafting side BEFORE...

AFTER...I did organize and put things away and actually got rid of some junk.  The truth is I am a slob when it comes to my own space up here in the trees.

I used to work on my kitchen table, and pack things up when we needed the table, like, to eat...  Now I have this space where I can close the door and not look at it...It's a blessing and a invitation to my sloppy side.  A few more hours of work and I can close the door... to a temporarily tidy space...but I have plans, and they involve making a mess again.
Now you know the real me. ;-)  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Jill said...

Now those before shots I can relate to. :) The afters are lovely!

Lynne said...

I love having my own space . . . Perfectly fine for you to create and close the door!

easygrow greenhouse said...

I agree on Lynne. I also like having my own space and have privacy. I love to decorate also my place and just be creative. :)