Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Swelter and a Great Party

I'm back...from a accidental blogging break.  I had good intentions to blog through the process of preparing for our little bird's 4th birthday.  The reality of gardening, baking and scrap booking during the heat wave we've just been thorough was that I had no time or energy to complain...that's what I would have done.  You cannot bake, even in an air conditioned home when it's 102 outside without sweating to the underoos. I know, TMI ;-) I even completed a 30 something page scrapbook of the little bird's last year, in a few days. 

The party was a great success.  The birthday girl had her own lemonade stand.  She took the serving of her lemonade very seriously.  You couldn't leave without a slice of lemon in your drink and a straw.

I put the lemonade in a small pitcher that she could easily hold herself.  She loved it.

We have a large deck, but everyone sat in the 10x10 foot area of shade under our maple.
Chairs were spread all over the yard, but everyone ended up right under the tree.
The daybed was a popular place to relax.

The ladies sat on the...straw. You can't call it a lawn anymore. All our watering has gone to the plants.

In spite of the dead lawn, the yard looked great, and the truth is, no one noticed.  Hubby and I did... after our long sweaty hours of preparation.

 Our little one had a great time, spending most of her time in the small wading pool I set up for her.  Sure was tempting.
Oh, I forgot to mention that our air conditioning went out on Friday night.  Some of the things I had in the works for Saturday never got finished.  I have a few dozen cake pops in the freezer that need to be dipped.  The cupcakes got ready made frosting from the tub instead of homemade cream cheese and peanut butter frosting.  We got lucky and someone cancelled a service call.  We got the service man out by 10am, and  he was able to get things running again.  Hooray! After all was said and done...the temperature  outside dropped late in the afternoon! The babies were wrapped in blankets, fireflies were caught and released...
As I carried my  sleepy best friend to the car, she said..."Auntie Penny that was a great party!"   What else could a tired Auntie need?

 I did read a great book last week...when I was too tired to sleep.  It's an autobiography.  Stories I Only Tell My Friends, by Rob Lowe.  I like Rob Lowe, have enjoyed his work...  The book was a surprise, with many crazy and amazing close encounters along the way.  I found myself reading some incredible passages out loud to my sons and my husband.  It was on a seven day took me eight days to read.  Considering all I accomplished, and how tired I know it was a great read.

Then I read in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine about David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt.  They own and operate Wisconsin's Wandawega Lake Resort, aka Camp Wandawega, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  After reading the article and seeing the amazing photos of all the vintage things they collect, I wanted more.  More came in the Country Living Book, A Very Modest Cottage, by Tereasa Surratt. The story of saving and relocating a cabin.  This is my treat after a few weeks of hard work.  It looks beautiful too, from the bark cloth endpapers to the great photos.

I'm itchin' to sew, craft, create, and can't wait to get back into a flea market or two.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I so appreciate all of your comments, but especially your friendship.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Debby said...

So a cute party even in the heat. To think of what you will do for your granddaughter afte doing this for your sweet little niece.
We are just so thankful to have power after being without. When it was 100 my hubby and I wanted brownies......but I knew it would be too hard on the A/C.
I am in the same mood........I want to create and shop for some good junk. But my checkbook isn't looking good and I have a migraine. Wish we lived closer and we could create together.

Jill said...

Looks like a GREAT party! You do know how to do it. I'm so glad the air got fixed sooner than later. I would have been dying! Glad you've treated yourself to some earned it!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Looks like it was quite the party, auntie! So sorry about the A/C. Believe it or not we missed the entire week of bad storms and record-breaking temps, we were at the Jersey shore! Luckily we have a whole house generator b/c our power was out for 8 hours (gotta keep that ice cream cold!) Unfortunately we lost a great old tree, sniff, sniff. Luckily no one was hurt.....glad to see your party was such a success. Here's to a kinder, gentler summer (SOON!?)


Lynne said...

You are an ultimate giver Penny. You give your time, patience, love, energy, labor, fruits . . . ALL.

I loved the white pitcher and picture of her pouring making sure a lemon slice and straw were included.

Only thing missing was Penny 2!

Anonymous said...

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