Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Time

We used the last day of our mini vacation to go to Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

The ride is through a lovely countryside, passing beautiful fields and barns.

It was our first really cool day, and we were lovin' it! 

The barn at Edwards is picture perfect and the grounds are beautiful.

Could this farmhouse be any sweeter, even the truck is a peach! (or should I say apple?)
Inside the barn... Pumpkins covered in an unusual fabric...

 Gingham fabric pumpkins...

 Local honey...

Beautiful displays... I've made my own version of this candle.  I save my canned pumpkin cans and have filled them with candle wax, and a long wick.  Using the remains of last year's candles...mixing all the fall scents.  I do like the plain brown wrap of this candle.  It could be easily duplicated with stamps and computer generated words...

 The barn is awesome.

 Really beautifully done.

 Something for everyone, especially the vintage loving kind.

Scarves...  So many wonderful things to see, so much inspiration.  A perfect fall destination. 

The highlight of the day, the apple donuts!  Holy Smokes, they were so good!  It was a minor miracle that we got back with some for our son Mike.  The best we've ever had, and warm, straight from the kitchen!

That's it for vacation time till the holidays.  It was fun being home with my dearest, a lazy long weekend my hard working hubby really needed and deserved. 

I am anticipating a visit from two of my FAVORITE bloggers, Barb from Babs Just a Babblin and Lynne from Irish Garden House.  Barb and I met quite a while back, but Lynne and I have not.  Looking forward to meeting up with these two, the kindest of friends from the beautiful state of Michigan.  There is a Great Lake between us, but we have managed to forge a sweet friendship through our blogs, emails and even a phone call or two.  Can't wait to hug these sweethearts! Barb has the best recipes on her blog, a vintage camper that she and her dear hubby completely renovated.  They travel and camp in Glamping style.  Lynne tells a great story, has a big heart.  Lynne has the prettiest gardens and is my most faithful and supportive commenter. Both girls are adventure seekers.  Check out their great blogs, and I'll let you know if we get in any trouble together;-)

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends!

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Lynne said...

Loved seeing your apple orchard visit/photos. It gave me an idea . . . I think I will take off to the store to buy me some candle wick stuff and get ready to make some candles from the many, many burned down candles I have saved. Perfect idea for some gift giving . . . I love it when an idea germinates in my mind and even more when the idea comes from someone I get to meet in about six days!

Thanks for mentioning me/us! Just think of the posts we each will do and the photos we will take . . . First I have to learn how to use my new camera!

See you soon!
Love, Lynne

babs said...

See you soon, my dear friend!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

We are so much alike, I kid you not. Last weekend we so wanted to go to an orchard and pick us some apples. Unfortunately no one has any for the picking due to the draught and early frost. Can you believe they are offering to take you on a hayride into the orchard so you can pick some apples out of a barrel??? Our purist son was horrified and we ended up not going. I'm still itching to make a vist, though. Loved your photos. Have fun on your visit!