Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn Mantle

I've put a little glow into my mantle for Autumn.  It's especially nice to have the warm glow of amber lights when darkness falls so early.  The metal leaf garland was purchased long ago in Long Grove and has become one of my favorite decorations.  A basket full of white pumpkins, and a couple of hurricanes with scented candles, a garland of bittersweet.  On the hearth the canvas pumpkins I made last year.

The machine quilted wall hanging is simply tacked to the wall.

Speaking of leaves, in Better Homes and Gardens, (October issue, chock full of autumn goodness) an article called "Pick your pleasure" (page16)  there was a code to get a free app.  It's called Leafsnap.  It IDs the species of the tree when you snap a photo of a leaf.  How COOL is that?!  There is even a game that tests your knowledge.   This is so me, I am all about...wait for it...LEAVES! (That was for Kristen;-)

Wishing you a cozy, amber hued Autumn day my friends.

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Lynne said...

You mean leafs are not LEAVES? Or leaves are not LEAFS?

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Love that glow! How cozy, I may just have to do it myself!