Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn All Around

My potter's bench becomes a display space come fall.  I filled the jars several years ago with dried you have a dehydrator?  Nothing smells as good as oranges drying, for me classic autumn.  Then there's nuts, multicolored popcorn and beans.  If you want to be a hit with the preschool set, fill a bin with beans for the young one to play in.  Measuring cups, spoons, cars...they will play for hours.  You will be finding beans under the sofa for quite a while ;-) Those corbels came from one of the oldest homes in our town. 


See how I am using the basket I made, it's holding fat wood kindling and firewood.
The first fire in the romantic.

I added some autumn plates to my tablescape I've had to dust a few times...
It is so pretty and I enjoy looking at it. 

Filled a vase with leaves and day lily stems I collect just for this purpose.  Those pots are from Southern Living at Home.  A few years back the home party hit my circle of friends, and you know how that goes...
You have a party for a friend and then your friend has a party... But, I have to say that Southern Living had some of the most beautiful pieces, that I still use for entertaining and decorating for all seasons.

I haven't forgotten my crafting, just other obligations taking me out and about.  I am loving this cool crisp weather we are having.  Hope you are having a great week too.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Looking very "fallish" Penny . . . Looking forward to one week from now!