Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update

If you're thinking, oh my, Penny's taken up are wrong.  While cleaning my kitchen I came across this vial of vanilla beans I bought while in NY.  I also "found" this bottle of vodka.  Really, it is from my sons.  A "experiment" in drinking I'm sure... (My sons are grown men, I just like to think in my Pollyanna way;-) Anyway, I put the two together and am making my own vanilla.  It's so simple...

First of all I paid a couple of bucks for two vanilla beans.  Bargain, locally they are $8 to 10.

You slit the vanilla beans up the middle, and I cut them in half so they would fit under the vodka.
There was just over a cup left in the bottle. Then, just drop them in!

A bird's eye view into the bottle.  Now I just  have to wait 2 months!  Just in time for Thanksgiving baking.
If you can't borrow vodka from your sons as I have, the cheaper the vodka the better.  I'll let you know
how it turned out.

I baked this cake I found on pinterest.  Pumpkin Coffee Cake.  You can find the recipe here, on Pretty Good Food.  It is really delicious, and very easy to make. 

Remember the crate I got from the produce guy at the local grocery?  I tried to fill it with flowers, pumpkins and gourds, but the leaves looked the best.  It needs something...  Maybe.a stencil of some sort.  What do you think?

I'm going to take some photos this morning of the fall decorating I've been doing, that is if I can beat the storm headed our way for today.  Have a great day my friends, thanks so very much for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

Grey Goose is a pretty costly "boys" drink . . . Happy they left you a bit! I am looking forward to November and your vanilla results!

I must get busy and put some "fall" into this house!

See you soon . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Suuuure,it was your sons {wink, wink} I get the idea. Mr. CBD and I wanted to do this for Christmas gifts last year but the beans are so darn expensive, plus we'd have to ship the stuff back East, so we bagged the idea. Can't wait to hear how yours turns out. I can't see your crate because Blogger is not letting me see all photos tonight for some reason, I'll have to check it later. Our rain started around 4:00, how about you? I love me a good thunderstorm!