Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Surprise

 In the spring, I tossed a few old seeds into a pot...hollyhocks.  I had a patch in previous years that did not come up this year.  I had forgotten all about that pot, until washing dishes yesterday, a pop of pink on the deck caught my eye...

Here is my September surprise, a blooming Hollyhock, and my favorite variety.  Just the kind that my Buscia grew. (My maternal Polish Grandmother) A single old fashioned flower.  It was a bright spot in an otherwise cloudy day.  The remains of hurricane Isaac have settled over the Midwest.  We got about 10 minutes of rain, and hours and hours of gloom. This one Hollyhock really cheered me up!
Inside,  I mounted a panel of fabric to an old canvas, starting my Autumn decorating.
 Hung a mirror I painted, and set out a book and pine cones. (I told you it was gloomy!)

It may technically be summer outside, but it's starting to look like fall inside.  Back on Tuesday, hope that you'll come back and visit too!  Happy Labor Day my friends!


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Happy labor day to you, too, friend! Don't you just love fall? That flower really is a wonderful surprise!

Lynne said...

On my walk today I could smell fall in the air! Is that why I am sneezing?

Debby said...

My sweet Penny. I got the mason jat froggy yesterday. I need to get me some flowers to try it out. What a surprise the needle book. It is adorable and so sweet of you. I didn't have one and needed one. I get all worried about loosing needles. Thank you so much. ((((((HUGS))))