Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Gotta Have Friends!!!

Dear Barb and Lynne my blogging pals from Michigan could not even get out of the car before I was snapping some photos to chronicle the big event.  This meeting has been in the making for over a year, with a almost meeting at Tipton last year. I met Barb once before, and this was my first meeting with Lynne.  It's amazing how much we already know about each other through our blogs and emails.  Though we have not spent much time together, we are already good friends.

Just look at these girls!  Sweet, charming, talented, warm, wonderful... You know I'm always looking for sisters, these are the kind of girls I'd choose. Did I mention beautiful?

I set the table with a little gift...A book they were supposed to get in Tipton, a vintage looking hand towel I made and an angel charm my Guild makes.

Barb made me this beautiful crochet needle keeper.  It's so pretty and embellished with old lace and pretty little sparkles and feathers. (The lavender sachet smells so good.)

The perfect place to hold my cherished crochet hook that was my Mom's  Thank you Barb, you are so creative and talented.  Barb and I met through a post I did on pirogi, you know the Polish dumplings.  We share a Polish heritage, plus a love for family, baking and babies.

This is my mystery box of Michigan chocolates from Lynne...Why, you might ask didn't I open them yet?  Because, once opened, they will disappear.  I am saving them for just the right moment when I can savor them with my family.  Thanks Lynne.  Lynne says she is not talented, but I've rarely met anyone so good at making friends.  We sat down and did a crafty project, and I have to say that Lynne jumped right in.

We made little sacks of simmering potpourri, and stamped a card to staple to the bags to seal them up.
I love crafting with friends, and with my own potpourri simmering on the stove, it set the mood
for a perfect fall afternoon.

The girls got to meet my hubby and our son Mike.  The conversation with Mike about tattoos and piercings would make a great blog post someday.  These girls are awesome. 

Thanks Barb and Lynne, for braving the highways and byways of Chicagoland to visit me. It was great to have you in my home, and I hope you'll visit again and again.   Check out their blogs... Babs Just a Babblin and Irish Garden House.  Safe travels Barb and Lynne!

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends!

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savvycityfarmer said...

well hey ... isn't that just precious.

need a weekend like this!!!

your smile tells all

Debby said...

Looks like greast fun. Love the gifts. It is fun to connect with a good friend blogger.

Barb said...

Home safe and sound! Your warmth and grace filled my heart! Had a wonderful afternoon.

Lynne said...

As Barbie said . . . home safe and sound!

I thought your crafting time was such a great idea to bring us together. You are so, so genuine . . . just one part of you that I loved! I enjoyed your hubby and son. Warm smiles and welcomes from each of you told me precisely who you are and how you live your lives.

Time for sleep my loving, authentic "Miss Penny!"
Love, Lynne

Kerin said...

Here visiting from Lynne's blog.
Boy, oh boy.. you girls really had a wonderful time.

Such warm memories you will have :)