Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration/Race Recap

I wanted a garland for my buffet, and when I saw this photo on pinterest I knew I wanted to make my own.

Made by Margie Romney-Aslett, the link on pinterest shows a post with many photos, including this one.
It's all I needed to see.

I used a pack of vintage doilies I've been saving for just such a project as the background.

Starting on my sewing machine, I connected die cut vintage sheet music, tags, birdcages, snowflakes, circles with scallops and small diecut birds.

The papers are all very fragile, so I worked on the table and then hung the garland and finished embellishing.

I was busy with a few other touches to my decorating...

I think they called this stitch and stuff, back in the day.  Trapunto is the quilting term.  One of those  special items that makes an appearance every year,

 My bench out front was empty, so I put together this vignette.  I've used this sled and the iceskates for years...This is just a little different take on it. The sign is not vintage but from Target, more than a few years back.

As I blogged last night, The Amazing Race ended last night with Josh and Brent the winners!  They sent out an email this morning, thanking everyone for their support and sharing their strategies, the same ones they use in their everyday life...

1. Do the best you can at every task in front of you.
2. Help your neighbor whenever you can.
3. Don't give up no matter how bad things look.

Great advice for everyone. Josh and Brent have plans for the million dollar prize, to pay off their mortgage, buy a new home on main street in Sharon Springs for their Beekman 1802 store and  start a line of food products named after a 1929 heirloom tomato "The Mortgage Lifter."  25% of the profits will help small American farmers pay off their debts.  This is no surprise to anyone who knows  these wonderful guys. 

We were laughing and shouting watching the end of the race.  We are so happy for their success. 

Can it be  just 2 weeks to pull this all together for Christmas?  No problem! ;-)  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Debby said...

I was so excited for them. Hubby was routing for the couple that made it to the final three. They were very sweet. All those challenges were hard last night. Glad that the guys won the cars. They won so many of the prizes. I am anxious to see what the Beekman's do with the money. Keep me posted. I DID NOT want the twinnies to win. They were annoying and so rude to the Beekmans.
I love banners too. Love that one you posted.
Only 2 weeks, yikes. I have things under control but it always slips up on you. I still have this stupid migraine. Had a scare last night and tried to get into the doctor without's under control with the meds right now. I am ready for it to go away.

Lynn said...

Your vignettes are wonderful. Hey, I learned a new word and spellcheck didn’t zap me. Your garland is much prettier than the original. Your layers are telling a story. Two weeks? Really? I’m so behind this year. Enjoy your evening.

Lynne said...

I was excited for you. . . to hear they had won.

Hubby watched . . . I was recovering from my kidney stone, hospitalization, Monday surgery . . .

Home now and not sure I will get it all done before the 25th!

I was thrilled the boys won, such great guys!