Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Final Project!

I played around with these mittens I made.  Added some pine, cedar and holly.  There's some lace around the cuff and everything is safety pinned in place, so I can change things up next year.
Here they are on my bulletin board, a mess of quotes, photos, trinkets and ideas.

Here on my cutting mat, a better look.

I am tired this morning after a late night watching the 121212 Concert for Sandy Relief.  We started watching just as the Rolling Stones came on.  They did 2 songs and I think they were just tired...
The Who on the other hand did a whole set.  Roger Daultry is still a powerful and good lookin'  ;-) singer and they played all the Who songs you would want to hear.  Paul McCartney on the other hand played a bunch of Wings songs...Who wants to hear anything from Wings?  My favorite of Paul's was when he played Blackbird.  He told a story of how he wrote the song in the 60's during the Civil Rights Movement in the US.  I've heard this song a hundred times and never knew the significance.  I'll never hear it again and not think of his story. I love Chris Martin from Coldplay, and his duet with Michael Stipe was great.  REM played a big part in daughter Kris' life, and once I was the oldest person at a  REM concert, back in the day...and the only one in a denim jumper.  How uncool was I ;-)  Billy Joel, and Alicia Keys both sang their signature New York songs.  I guess we missed most of the show after reading some reviews, but it sure was fun. Mike came home and said, I didn't know you liked The Who... I'm still full of surprises! 

On to ironing and wrapping pillowcases, making tags and wrapping assorted gifts for family and friends. This is it, only one full week of prep time...  Have a great day my friends, thanks for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

I love how you write . . . and always a thank you for stopping by!

Lynn said...

How fortunate, Penny, you were able to attend the concert. Your mittens conjure up an idea in my mind. They would look lovely on your board all year round with a change of contents for each season. Good job! I have to add who do you think you are kidding with “final project?” I’m beginning to know you never stop. Peace.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!!! Your filled mittens are so beautiful to me!!! I always love visiting you here...and love that you write from the heart ~ sounds like a great concert! If I don't talk to you, please have the most wonderful Christmas ever dear friend! hugs and love, Dawn