Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gaze Into the Crystal Ball

How often as parents we wish we had a crystal ball and could see into the future.  When a tiny baby is born, you can't help but wonder what a child will be like as he grows, what will his life be like...
We also think that getting them to 18 is the job, at least I did.  The truth is, we are parents and they are our children FOREVER.  Until our last breath, then our job is done.

Yesterday, son Mike had a tonsillectomy, yep at age 29.  The decision on the recommendation of his EN&T
was his own.  I know that people have surgeries every day in America, but this was my baby.   Mom and Dad  accompanied him to the Hospital.  My nerves were on edge, but Mike, so like his Dad, kept me laughing.  He sent text messages while we waited, to his girlfriend Amanda, his brother and sister. We laughed so hard that the nurse opened the curtain to "join the party."
The waiting...shouldn't they sedate all mothers in the waiting room? I wasn't the only nervous Mom, in fact the room was full of nervous parents, spouses and children. I find that part difficult too.  Everyone has a story.  I crochet like crazy, since they frown upon people cleaning the waiting room, rearranging the furniture, or changing out the art.

Finally, the surgeon comes out to tell you all is well.  Thank God, and all the Saints and Angels we called upon to watch over our son.  Two weeks of recovery, weeks that will fly since next month Mike will be moving. (...wonder why I am so emotional?)  I'm gonna spoil him rotten.

Recovery time is much longer for an adult...and more than a little daunting.  One of the warnings of the surgeon was this..."A little bleeding is normal, crime scene type bleeding is an emergency..."  So on that happy note, off to check on my patient!

One more thing...If I had been able to look into that crystal ball and see what Mike, and Jon and Kris would be like as adults, maybe I wouldn't have worried quite as much.  They are my greatest treasure, my most important job and in spite of all my mistakes, turned out near perfect, or at least, perfect to me. Having a patient, calm and loving Dad helped when Mom was freaked out, and that was a lot of the time. ;-)  So as usual, I am very grateful!

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends, and thanks for stopping by.



Debby said...

I had mine out many moons ago when I was 19. I was in the hospital 5 days. It's hard when you are older. Spoil them as long as they will let you. Had to laugh about the cleaning. Once at the neurologist office with my son, I started cleaning the sink. The doctor in his broken language told me they had people to do that....Hah.

babs said...

Happy Mike's surgery came out fine. But oh the recovery...very painful I understand.

He's moving! When, where? Empty nest for you!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Glad he's doing ok! I do know exactly what you mean. I still remember the day my son had his ear tube surgery. Pretty routine, but not for me! Also, my oldest is having foot surgery on 7/22. I am not looking forward to that day or that recovery, either!

xo Kathy

Melanie said...

So hard for us mamas when our babies are hurting either physically or emotionally! Even if our babies are now "big" babies. At least he has the best nurse in the world to look after him. :-)

Lynne said...

Be well . . . heal safely Mikey . . .
(Beautiful post Penny!)

laura Madalene said...

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