Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thrifting on Tuesday

In between all the real life stuff happening here in English Valley, there has been some time for fun, and by that I mean Thrifting!  We have visited a couple of thrift stores, a flea market and a rummage sale.  These are my latest finds.  First the baby afghan, in perfect condition...in fact I don't think it was ever washed, the attached tag saying, Made in Italy, Marshall Fields and Company, For the Very Young, was brand new.   I am banned from buying our sweet p. another blanket, unless I keep it here!  This will be adorable on her little toddler bed at Grandma's. Three dollars.
I found this fabric at a rummage sale.  It was folded, no price, so I asked...$1.00!  I brought it home, washed it, measured it...5 and a half yards, VIP fabric.  My guess from the Roses, Roses, Roses line that was so popular in the 80's. I've found dollar a yard fabric, but you can't beat 18 cents or so a yard!
 I got these ancestors at the flea market.  The school photo magnified is priceless.  There are all the characters that you had in your grade school class... Just the same a hundred years ago. I dropped the box of photos at the flea market and had to pick up each one...I was embarrassed.  The kind gentleman said the box was already broken and gave me these three photos for a dollar.  I was thrilled.
Maybe you noticed this tray.  I passed it by on one visit, but when it was still there the next time we went to the thrift I snatched it up.  I've got a thing for LEAVES...said with a sweeping gesture of my hand. Anyone remember that commercial?
Anywho, it is locally made, right down the road in Dundee, Illinois.  They came in all shapes and sizes and go for about $12 to $14 on eBay.  It's not going anywhere, I think it is so cool, especially for Autumn.  $3.00!
 Six berry baskets, 3 for a quarter!
Did I mention that my granddaughter is interested in medicine?  It's true!  She was using Mommy's headphones as a stethoscope, with the headphones around her neck and the plug as a shot or to check Mommy's heart beat.  Clever girl!  I bought and sent her a brand new Fisher Price Medical set.  They don't come in the black doctor's bag like they did back in my children's day, but in a small green bag. Sweet p.loves it. Mommy gets many shots and checkups.  Daddy has been a patient too.
When I saw this at the flea, I walked over to check it out.  The kind lady selling it said if you want it you can have it for a dollar...the dog chewed some of the pieces! Now sweet p. can take care of Papa and Grandma when she comes to visit.  A little run in the dishwasher and a little repair to the jagged edges and she'll be in business.  Dr. Penny has a nice ring to it!
Reminds me...We had a dog when the kids were young that ate all the feet off of Kristen's Strawberry Shortcake dolls. The dolls smelled like fruit and irresistible to Scruffy. ;-)
Finally, my new collection... I now have three hobnail pieces which makes it an official collection.  Like I needed another one.  Oh well, simple pleasures. I don't treat my hydrangea to change their color from pink to blue, but this single blue one showed up.  Could it have been from the rusting metal flower sculpture nearby?

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind and caring comments.  It means the world to me.
Enjoy this beautiful day and Happy Thrifting!


Debby said...

Oh how I miss shopping. Maybe soon. I would have to hide anything I buy til we move. No showings since the open house but my Colorado kids just left. What a great visit. Only wish I had felt better. Getting the house back to staged look. Tuck....I miss my cozy house. Dr. P. Is so lucky to have such sweet grandparents. Xo

Lynne said...

Delicious "FINDS" Penny . . .
My favorite and your words/thoughts . . .
The FP doctors kit!
You go Miss Little P girl!

Melanie said...

I always enjoy seeing your thrifting finds. Who knows, maybe you'll end up finding some of my stuff that I've recently donated, ha ha. I love the leaf tray you found.