Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Neighborhood News

We are so lucky to have a Little Free Library in our neighborhood. I was so excited when I first saw it.  My honey was very confused...You want me to back up?  Heck yeah!  I had never seen an actual Little Free Library, but have read about them on Facebook, and at their site.  The concept is simple, take a book, return a book, except it is right in your neighborhood, maybe right on your block!  This LFL is on a block where children pass on their way to school, but it is not just for children, there are books for everyone.
You can register your own LFL and get a nameplate for your Library. There are Little Free Libraries all around the world!
 I have wanted to do this since I saw the my very first LFL on the web.  How cool would it be?
First I must visit this LFL librarian to see how the village feels about these little treasures.  I have the books, the right space on our property...now.to find a cabinet...  I am so excited about this, as only a 59 year old book lover can be. To share the love of reading with my neighbors would be awesome.  How cool would it be to have all the children in my life help to keep our library stocked.  To find the perfect books to share...

As if my excitement about the Little Library wasn't enough...A MONARCH BUTTERFLY VISITED MY MILKWEED! (I only saw one Monarch all last summer.)  I have kept a patch of milkweed waiting for a Monarch butterfly to visit and find it a suitable place to lay her eggs.  I think it happened!  This beauty flew all around me, ascloseasthis!  I had goosebumps!  She landed on the milkweed, just on the edge of the leaf with her abdomen under the leaf, the behavior of a butterfly leaving behind eggs.
I will have to wait for 4 days to see if those eggs hatch and the larva feeds on the milkweed.  I would be so
excited if my humble milkweed patch produced a few beautiful butterflies.
The Monarchs are having a difficult time, losing habitat.  It is simple to help, by planting milkweed, or letting it grow if it comes up in your garden. Having flowers and water for butterflies is helpful too. There is so much information on the web, and I will have plenty of the silky seed at the season's end to share.  I can't tell you how much joy a simple thing like this butterfly visit brought me.  At the same time I was visited, Kristen and little Penny were visited by a Monarch hundreds of miles away.  This is a pleasure that we can help save and share with the next generation.  Who isn't thrilled to see the beautiful  miracle of a butterfly?  Please remember, try not to use chemicals in the garden, they are harmful to the children, the birds, the bees, bugs and butterflies.

Look for me in the garden...

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.


Debby said...

I saw a Monarch last night when we were locked out of the house. So sweet that little p saw one when you did. Love the little library.

Debby said...
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laura Madalene said...

What a beautiful home. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.

Lynne said...

Love this Penny . . . I need to read up on it. Would love to have one here!
Leave it to Penny to come up with a winner!

Melanie said...

I have read about those little libraries, too but have never actually seen one in person. How cool that you found one right in your neighborhood! So, did you borrow a book? Donate one? I have a butterfly garden and haven't seen a monarch in years. Very exciting that you had one visit you. We don't use any chemicals on our lawn or any plants either. So my lawn is full of weeds - oh well!

Debby said...

Hi Penny......don't use the yahoo email. Use clowninabug@gmail.com . My blog may still take you to the yahoo. Seems like no matter what I do it still does. When you click on it the letters in the address change. I know.....never heard of it before.
Getting ready for a 10:30 showing.....who looks at houses that early. Hubby says someone out of town......just please buy our house.
I am okay. Still waiting on pathology.....what is taking so long. I even called the doctor yesterday. Geez.
Hugs to you.