Monday, July 7, 2014

Our July 4th/Birthday Cookout

 I had to fluff, and prepare the deck for what was the most perfect weather we have ever had on the 4th of July.  We opened all the windows and set up all the chairs.  The mattress and blankets and pillows on the daybed.  All the chairs and tables out on the lawn.
 Little touches, just for me...
 All my junk on display.
 Picture perfect!
 Inviting if I might say so myself.
The Little Bird celebrates her 6th birthday this week.  Where has the time gone?  She told me that we are sisters, because I don't have one of my own.  She is so very special with the biggest heart. I baked cupcakes but she wondered where the cake I said I was making for her was...I need to be more exact in my choice of words. ;-)
 We had family and friends.  Mike introduced us to his lovely new friend Amanda. They played hide and seek with the kids...Mike was lost for a long time.;-)  The Little one also was allowed to cut as many Annabelle hydrangeas as she wanted. (A long lived dream of my own as a child.)  Everyone got at least one bloom. They were floating in the fountain and stuck in water bottles. (There are still a hundred left on the plant.)
The Pied Piper of children holds court.  Our son Jon misses the weekly contact he used to have before
the bird started school.  Still best friends.
Jon's best friend, beautiful Charlotte. with the Little Bird and Baby Bug.

A great holiday with dear family and friends old and new.  We missed the East Coasters but they were making their own memories with sweet p's dear grandparents in Pennsylvania. They had a front row seat at their hotel for riverfront fireworks.  I got a movie of Penny's reaction to her first fireworks display and it was awesome. She was so excited.  Miss them so!

That's the recap of the festivities.  A busy week ahead of us.  Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kind comments.

Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Oh my goodness . . . puts everyone in such a good mood doesn't it . . . Looks that way at your gathering!
Enjoy a HAPPY rest of the summer!
Loving you . . . from "in the north!"

Debby said...

Such fun pictures. The weather here was perfect as well. I missed all the downtown festivities. No picnics here as well. It was good to rest. Hubby has taken good care of me. He is still working on the outside of our home as well. He goes back to work tomorrow. I will be sad without him. Next Sunday my Colorado kids will be here. It will be a circus keeping the house in order for showings. Showings I hope will pick up soon. So discouraged right now.
I bet Baby P. loved the fireworks.
Your son looks like he loves children......down the road that may mean some more grandchildren.

Melanie said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time on this holiday weekend. Is the young woman holding "Little One" your niece? She looks so much like your daughter. And then in that last picture of, can I see his mama in him! He has your smile! :-)