Monday, July 28, 2014

Listening to...Out of Africa

Out of Africa?  That is the music I am listening to as I write this post.  Funny how music can transport you to a place you've never been.  It can put you on a porch of a coffee plantation with Robert Redford... flying over the African plains... sitting in front of a fire on safari..  What would life be like without music?

In a couple of weeks we will be truly empty nesters. Our son Michael, (who is fully recovered from his surgery) found a job in Michigan and will be leaving us. My heart is heavy, because I am such a sentimental mope.  Mike is so happy, excited and a little apprehensive.  I prayed for this, his happiness, though I was not specific.  I should have prayed for him  to be happy in a 30 mile radius of home sweet home.;-)  I am comforted by technology.  I played with our sweet p. this morning.  Really played while she cooked for me and Papa.  We pretend all the time now, her imagination is awesome.  I know that Mike won't want to spend the same kind of face time with dear old Mom and Dad, but the fact that I will see him and keep in touch with face time, phone and texts will make the separation much easier.(for Mom!)  The fact that he will be just hours away is also a comfort.  He has a wonderful sweetheart, Amanda who will be there for him. She makes Mike very happy. All a Mom can ask for right?
So while our truck is in the shop, again, I played.  I printed some things from my Pinterest board called of all things Printables.  These button cards are so pretty.  I printed them to card stock and then stuck them to another layer before I cut them out.  I used a sanding block and some old paper ink to hide the white edges of the paper. The finished card has the buttons on and the edges sanded and inked .It really makes a difference.  They do look vintage.

Then I found these spool cards.  Treated them the same as the button cards with a double layer, a little old paper ink on the edges and wound them with some old crochet thread.  Just having fun kind of work.

My dearest shared an iTunes card with me.  I downloaded so many great songs, the Theme from Out of Africa, Somewhere in Time, and including a album we had when we were kids.  It is called, I Love Paris by the 101 Strings Orchestra.  My Dad had a thing for all things French.  He spent time in France after WW II and it made quite an impression on him.  These songs really take me back.  I also found a song I have been looking for for years.  It's called the Trumpeter's Lullaby. (I tried to attach a link unsuccessfully, but you can find it on YouTube)  I had the wrong name and couldn't find it, but this song has been in my head for ages.   It came to me that maybe it would be on one of Doc Severinsen's albums from Tonight Show fame, and it was. It's as lovely as I remembered it, and made me think of my Dad who loved the song too. It's so cool  how when I download to my iPad it automatically loads to my phone! TECHNOLOGY!

On Saturday we walked the path on the most beautiful evening.  See our shadows on the trees?
Since the path is much higher than local homes, the wind blows in the most delightful way.
The sky was so beautiful and the only sound was of the wind.
We sat alongside the path and I shared the new music with my dearest.  Our own private Ravinia.
I always talk about gratefulness, but I truly am.  One act of my life is ending, with another new and unknown second act about to begin.  With happy tears in my eyes, a prayer on my lips and love in my heart, back to where it all began, just the two of us!

Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Goose Bumps . . . Out of Africa is my all time favorite . . . I saw it in the theater seven times and have the video. (No VCR anymore to play it though.) Just saying the Out of Africa fills me with the music . . . . Love, Love, Love!

Sorry . . . you are lamenting Mike's move but I am smiling because you'll be closer!

Neat things you are doing with the buttons and thread,
Very Vintage . . .

I like people with Grateful Hearts . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

How exciting, Penny! A little scary, too, I'm sure. But mainly EXCITING! So glad things are working out for your son. Just think of the adventures that await you and the Mr.! Love the spool/thread cards!
xo Kathy