Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I can see clearly now...

Small accomplishments sometimes reap great rewards. That's how I felt after washing my kitchen window over the sink. It is the one difficult window to wash in the whole house. I need to climb into the sink to reach it, but the reward is great!
Like no glass at all.

The garden is at it's peak. In a week or two the summer will start winding down. No harvest except for the lavender. I didn't do much in the garden this year except enjoy the perennials and plant a few annuals on the deck. I love the cool weather we've been having. I am part polar bear and am suited to cooler temps and less humidity.

I don't remember planting this. It was probably a gift I stuck in the ground. I smelled the fragrance before I saw the bloom. I like it much better outdoors, inside it is too overpowering. What a beauty.

And speaking of beauty... I got to play in a garden via FaceTime. I saw a piggy bank and a bridge... Pete the cat was there too. A guided tour by my babygrand. This one is, well, there are no superlatives that do justice to describe my sweetest sweet p. Thanks to my daughter Kristen, and technology, I am included in my granddaughter's life daily. For this I am so very grateful. Kris knew I'd love this photo, and suggested I share it here. Love, love, love my girls!

Even though my Susan Branch calendar says that July has thirty days...I know there are always 31 days in July. Our 38th wedding anniversary is tomorrow! We will celebrate it as we have celebrated all of our anniversaries, except one...(last year, sales meeting, grrrr) TOGETHER. The only way to celebrate our love.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


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Melanie said...

All the windows in my house need washing...can you say lazy?! Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. May you be blessed with many more years together.

Lynne said...

Happy Anniversary 38 Penny!
Love the photo of your Sweet P . . .

Debby said...

Happy anniversary . Your marriage reminds me of ours a lot. Oh little sweet p. You are getting so big. Love those little curls. Your daughter is so wonderful to share her days with you. My daughter can hardly talk on the phone as hers are very high maintenance and with work. I miss them after their visit. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Xo