Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Update, Tomatoes/Potatoes Edition

 I've been tomato sitting for my neighbor and was rewarded with beautiful home grown tomatoes.
Then, because I live an exciting life ;-)  the Wisconsin Spudmobile was in the parking lot of our local market. I love potatoes, and in fact I always tell my kids, "I am only here for the potatoes!"  I had to take a couple of photos to send the kids.  Just as I was walking into the market, the gentlemen from the Spudmobile insisted I come inside.
It was filled with fun facts about Wisconsin potatoes.  What a unusual experience. I mean, how often do you get invited into a Spudmobile?  Made me smile all day.
This morning in the garden
Our weekend included four rides into the city.  Back and forth, twice on Friday.  It was worth it having the family together to celebrate our dear Elizabeth's 29th (AGAIN?) birthday.  The City family is without a car, Jon's car was in the shop for the third time, same problem, so Grandpa to the rescue.  We had a great party with good eats and a great cake.  (Truth in blogging moment...I was making lasagna...bought everything except the noodles! Really who forgets the noodles when you're making lasagna?  Made a pumpkin cake, had no powdered sugar in the house...this is after 4 trips to the store.  I punted and made a layer of  cheater cheesecake for the top instead.  A new taste treat is born!)
 Marigolds are perfect for the fall.  I love how they smell and look.
 Poor zinnias, just about done, still look lovely in early morning light.
 My neighbor's apple.  Can't wait to apple pick with the babygrand.
 This sunflower is well over seven feet tall.
 Still reaching for the sky.
 The only photo from Elizabeth's party.  Still using the Frozen crowns from Penny's birthday.
A thrifting trip with my guy and my future DIL.  Autumn runner and Winter pillow.

Cool and very Autumn like this morning, I am enjoying it.  The changing of the seasons is the joy of living in the Midwest.  Four distinct seasons, as my dearest would say, sometimes all on the same day.;-)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

Hi Penny! You are so lucky that you were graced with those beautiful tomatoes. We only grew cherry tomatoes here this year, so we've been running to the farm stand up the street to buy big tomatoes. Why have I never heard of or seen that Spudmobile?! What is its they sell local potatoes out of the truck? *Love* that fall runner you found. Can't wait to see how you use it this fall. You make such lovely vignettes.

Lynne said...

Fall is entering the summer picture here in Michigan too . . .
I am not minding one little bit . . . love the season.
Lasagna without noodles . . . hmmmmmm . . .