Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Update/Yarn Show

I had a date with my daughter Kristen and grand daughter, a trip to a local hotel and a yarn show.  I am a crocheter but was totally out of my element. I am allergic to wool and other animal fibers.  In fact, the worst allergic reaction I've ever had was with Kris at a yarn shop where they were winding wool. Happily, I had no bad reactions at this show.  I was amazed at the variety, quantity and cost of the yarn.
I got to spend time with my baby grand.  She was well behaved and quite popular.  So many people said hi to Penny and one dear sweet gentleman let her choose a clip, just because.  Penny choose a heart clip, exactly the one I would have chosen for myself. We are two pennies in a pod!

Kris said, " Mom I found something that is right down your alley."   She showed me the way to this booth, dressed in perfectly vintage accessories.  I suddenly felt right at home.
 Vintage doors, shutters, a old typewriter...
 Chalkboards, suitcases..great smelling soaps and lotion bars...
 and knitting notions.
 They staged all their products so beautifully with the vintage accessories.
 The ladies were so friendly and kind.
Kristen walked away with Penny so I was able to look and photograph.  I was inspired by their booth and will certainly be using some of their ideas for my own collection of vintage treasures.
This is the name of the company Retromantic, Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  They do not have a store but sell at shows. Check out their web page.

This is my grand daughter, a blur of blond hair.  So happy to spend time with my darling daughter Kristen and with the amazing Penny.  I hope this is the first of many outings together.

Penny spent the night and in the morning decided that she would like to marry Grandpa.  This is a phenomenon I am very familiar with.  When we were first engaged, many years ago, my niece Michele, a little older than Penny is now, decided that I should get "ungaged" from my dearest so she could marry him. There has been a line of little nieces and great nieces all falling in love with my guy through the years.  If I get pure joy for the love I get from Penny, there are no words for how her love for her Grandpa makes me feel.

Just a few weeks left of summer and I don't want to waste an hour of the precious light.  The days are already getting shorter, and though I never really miss the hot and humid weather, I love the long daylight hours. Remember to get out and enjoy every last long summer evening!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

Another treasured moment having Kristin and Penny close by.
That in and of itself has to be a treasure for you!