Monday, August 31, 2015

A Little Bit of This and That...

 So sad when you come the day before the apple orchard is open...
Such a beautiful place. Don't worry, we'll be back.  It felt like fall most of last week.  This week summer will return, but I've got that Autumn feeling going already.
 Beautiful countryside.
 Sunday outing with my girls.  Love these burr oak acorns. I am thrilled by nature! 
We were at a festival celebrating the Monarch Butterfly called MonarchPalooza at the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago.  So many fun activities for the kids, but sadly, Grandmothers had to push in among the children for her, I mean their fair share of the fun.
 There were plenty of butterflies that were tagged and released all day.
 I GOT TO PET A MONARCH CATERPILLAR!  I mean the children petted the caterpillars.  (Really I was thrilled to actually touch one, and so was daughter Kris.   Penny...not so much.)
 Have I mentioned how great it is to have my girls to hang out with? Thanks to Grandpa for driving.
This was a Monarch that was a wild catch (meaning it was caught at the nature center, not raised there) tagged and released.  
These tiny stickers help to track the butterfly's migration. It has all the info on where the butterfly was released with info so you can report on it's flight path.  Next year we will be trying to catch a Monarch to tag.  I had the best time and was able to send off Lila (that's what the kids named the released butterfly) with a prayer of Godspeed as it starts it migration to Mexico. So amazing!
Later, I snapped a photo of  the elusive fairy Tinkerbell...Yes, I do believe in fairies!  I bought this costume for $2 at the thrift. I washed it up, and it's our girl's new favorite.  I found the fairy wings and Mom found the sparkling shoes.  Penny flutters about and brings magic to this Grandma and Grandpa's lives. When we picked the girls up, I picked up Penny.  She grabbed my ears and said, "I just love those chubby earlobes!"
Oh to be loved for chubby earlobes!  :Love, pure love.

I also had the best thrifting score EVER on 50% off everything, if you bring a friend day.  More about that another time. The official last week of summer.  Go out there and flutter.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Catching up finally . . .
Looks like a fun place to visit . . .
Who would think you could "pet" a Monarach!