Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Try to Remember

I promised to show you my awesome thrifted treasures.  I went with my sweetie to a sale at the local thrift, bring a friend and everything is 50% off.  Since everything is usually so reasonably priced already, I really got some bargains.  Everything you see in these two photos was less than $21.00 total!  Two Yankee Candle jars,(A large candlejar in the store is about $23.00!) a Smith and Hawken Herb growing set, two ceramic measuring cup sets and a beautiful  lantern from Pier One.  All these items were brand new! (Tis the season to stock up on little gifts)
There are six Mexican style bubble glass glasses, just love their green coke bottle color. A terrific rose laden vintage tablecloth and several yards of what I think is a woven linen type fabric from Russia, it still had tags on it.  It will be perfect for dishtowels.  I was nearly giddy as I filled our cart.  This is more than I've spent at the thrift in a very long time.  Happy dance!

We went back to the apple orchard and we still were a bit premature.  There were only two varieties of apples and no pumpkins or gourds.  There were the most heavenly apple cider donuts.  Just a bite and nirvana.  I don't think I ever tasted anything so perfectly delicious.  Just warm from the fryer rolled in cinnamon sugar...let me tell you, it was sooo good.
 Two crazy  kids in love! (bliss... and this is before the donuts ;-)
We were dazzled by the many displays and many tasty offerings.  We ended up with a few things in out basket, corn salsa and raspberry salsa to name a couple.  I forgot to mention this is Edward's Orchard in Poplar Grove, IL. So worth the drive and it's such a pretty area.

Try to remember the kind of September where life was slow and oh so mellow... The first of September!
I woke up with this song in my head.  It's from a 1960's musical and I sang it in Glee Club in the seventies.
So many times I wake up to a song, not knowing how or why it came to mind. It could have been many songs today...September seems to have it's share of great songs.  There's also the September Song, a moody, slow and sad song I remember sung best by Sinatra... Oh it's a long long while, from May to December.  But the days grow short, When you reach September... How about the Happenings...See you in September, see you, when the summer's through... September is worth a song, as the days cool and the harvest comes in.  I'll miss the long long days of summer, but September is when I start to shine. Being home, entertaining family and friends. Cooking, baking, sewing, snuggling...count me in!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

I think you should do a video of you singing the September song . . .
Indeed . . . do it!
Love seeing all your treasures!

Melanie said...

Great treasures, Penny! Though I have received Yankee candles as gifts and have had to donate them, as I'm highly allergic to artificial, toxic scents like that. I have to have all-natural, lightly scented candles. I have never been to that orchard in Poplar Grove. We probably pass close by it when we go to visit Tim in DeKalb. Perhaps we'll have to take a detour this fall. ;-) Though we've been really good with our no-sugar eating plan...but I'm telling you, those apple cider donuts would be hard for us to resist!