Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Changes, Big and Small

Out to the curb!  Not my dearest, but the big brown couch.  I had to take a photo after it's farewell journey to the curb for pickup.  It never did make it to garbage day...It was gone in the early morning...I thought I heard a truck stop late last night, as  trucks do on garbage night here in the burbs.  It had some life in it,and it saw plenty of good times here...  The problem with this sofa, with the chaise, is that for it's size it only sat a couple of people.  Once you got in this sofa it took a real effort to get out. So with son Jon's assistance we got it out to the garage, then for garbage day, hubby and I got it on a 4 wheel dolly and we rolled it to the end of the driveway!
 A few photos for posterity
 I even caught a neighbor out for a walk.  He told us his daughter felt so bad about a sofa they got rid of, she kept a arm protector and pillow .  We've had far too many sofas to be sentimental.
 The first day of Autumn finds me  ready.  Our mantel says, FALL!
These chairs will temporarily fill in the family room.  I am considering moving my "studio " space here.
It's a great space, just off the kitchen, eastern facing windows.  There are times when we need this room...Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, when the whole family gathers, but the 362 other days, all my stuff is in the basement.  I can''t work in the basement.  So my conundrum.
 Working by the fireplace in the middle of winter is a romantic notion of mine.
 Early morning view of the living room where we do in fact most of our living.
 These Rowe sofas are sturdy and comfortable.  Their cushions fashion a great fort or cozy nest. ;-) I would love to have them slip covered, but for now it looks great.
 I brought down my Mom's round table that I was using as a nightstand.  I didn't buy one thing and got a completely new living room.
My copper fire pit coffee table, filled with dried lavender, hydrangea and sunflowers.

The other changes, well they are coming too.  New jobs for my dearest, our son in law and for our youngest. Happy changes too.  Today I will count my blessings, as I try to do every day.  I hope all is well with you my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Can not believe it is first day of fall. Glad you're doing well, love the photo of the couch and T. on the street! We had a Rowe Love seat and sofa for almost 15 years in our family room. Just a year ago we broke down and got a huge sectional from Macy's. It has a chaise lounge that we all fight over, even the dog:) The old ones went down to the basement for the kids' hang-out room. Love the furniture switch out. I'm just trying to keep up with school and ongoing blogging projects. It's almost sweater weather!

Lynne said...

I laughed out loud at the
"To the Curb" photos . . .

I think there are many of us that are having an "update the house" mood . . .
(Happy the "to the curb" was the sofa and not the hubs!)

Melanie said...

I'm glad it's your couch that you're getting rid of at the curb, and not your hubby! ;-) I love the two chairs in your family room and how you have them set up. Makes the room look larger and more open, doesn't it? Like you, there's no way I could do any kind of creating in my basement. We have plenty of space down there, but it's too dark. Could you make one of your spare bedrooms your studio/craft space? Or, another idea...since you have two living areas on your main floor, why couldn't you make the living room your family gathering space and use the small family room with the fireplace as your studio? If I can make it work in my small home, you can make it work in your large one! :-)