Monday, September 14, 2015

Crazy Fall Weather

 All week there was the threat of bad weather, and the temperatures dropped to the 50 degree mark.

 We were rained out of activities, as a cold rain fell...
 We got our grocery shopping in, not much more.
 Friday we headed to the city to pick up our girls.
 We had a Saturday trip planned to Rockford, Illinois to visit the Main Street Market, Urban Farmgirl's amazing sale.
First I want to show you the only thing I really liked but let go.(It's official, I have become a tightwad!) This cool pastel blue enameled bucket.  Well it's not true that that was the only thing I liked, there were beautiful things everywhere.  Vintage everything, rustic furniture, fences, doors, cool clothes.
 Great music, apple cider donuts, nice people.
 All set in a historic village.
 Great old houses,

Barns with pretty girls in front.  This is my darling daughter Kristen and my much talked about but rarely seen dear SIL Elizabeth.  They, along with Penny and Grandpa made up our group.  I got to visit and hug dear Joy from Savvy City Farmer,(After looking everywhere for her booth, we found her at the very end of our visit, at the entrance where we walked by on our way in!)  It was our first girls outing  at such a venue together, and the day I forgot my phone at home. I just stuck close to someone with a phone and felt kind of naked all day without it.

I did buy something, that I'll show you next time.

We ended our Saturday at a birthday/graduation party for my sweet niece Emma. Where does the time go, from baby to HS Freshman in the blink of an eye. Everyone of my brothers were there .As we all get older they become even more dear to me, as they continue to drive me crazy.:-) Most of my sweet nieces including my very first niece Michele came to celebrate..(I was 14 when Michele was born, you do the math ;-)  I hugged them all, repeatedly!   Family! Once again enjoying having Kris and Doug and Penny with us. Jon and Charlotte too.  I talked to Mike on the way home making it "hat trick" for me.

Our Sunday will be spent watching the Bears beat the Green Bay Packers.  (I may have to amend this post at a later date, they usually cream us.) I will be making my first official pot of soup of the Autumn.  Just in time for the return of hot humid weather later this week.  Oh well, that's how fall in Chicagoland works.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.    

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Lynne said...

Looks like outing turned out some sun and fun after the rains . . .
And look at patient hubs there on the park bench. Watching Little P so mom, granny and SIL could look and shop!
And what was your purchase ????