Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another happy weekend.

 Was there anyone who wasn't moved by Pope Francis' visit to the US?  My Daughter saw this photo on my camera and said it was such a "Grandma thing" to do, take a picture of the TV.  Well. proudly, I am a Grandma and prefer to use my own photos.  (but actually I thought that myself as I was doing it, Ha;-)
 Baking for our Autumn bake sale at Church.  Seems that others were moved to generosity, we received a record amount of donations and purchases.
 The last of the beautiful flowers frm my garden.  The seashell cosmos' are finally in bloom, They are spectacular!
Speaking of spectacular, we spent some time with the small one this weekend.  She declared that she is no longer afraid of fish and asked to go back to the Grove in Glenview, Illinois. (Note, She still is kinda afraid of fish and really afraid of snakes and not too fond of turtles.) There at a historic cabin, children were encouraged to do chores.  Well, Penny took to chores like a duck takes to water.  She is a natural old fashioned girl.

How she loved hanging out the wash.  I  had to ask her to leave some for the other children.
 Thiis girl is so much fun.
I'm on the lookout for another little broom.  We had one but I think it ended up being a prop for another little one's costume.

 Sunday...Seems all the girls from Women's Club were in the baking mood.  The proceeds benefit our many service projects...
...some of which are shown here with my dear friend Carmella. I am so proud of our Guild and love all the remarkable women I call my sisters.

Our dear Charlotte, son Jon's fiancee, celebrated her birthday at home with us with homemade pizza and mini pumpkin cheesecakes.  It is so wonderful to have family together, for any reason, but especially when it's someone as dear as our Charlotte's special day.
 The girls loved hanging the laundry together as much as Penny did at the cabin.  Oh course Grandma had everything already at home
 Penny's first festive arrangement.  She took all the coasters and made this pretty arrangement on a candle.
Yes, a chip off the old block I'd say!
Of course we sat out and enjoyed the beauiful super moon, until the clouds rolled in.

I was able to watch later from my upstairs window when the skies cleared.. The blood red Moon was stunning!  A perfect ending to a happy weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

We all watched the moon, too, from our front porch. The kids especially thought it was really cool. As for Pope Francis, my sister and her husband live just blocks away from the Art Museum and Ben Franklin Parkway where he said mass. I used to drive into work on that road every day when I was a lawyer in Philadelphia. My firm's office building was right in the thick of things near City Hall. I really wish I could have been there! xoKathy

Lynne said...

Your church guild is amazing . . .
Friendship and Faithfulness abound . . .
Little Penny is so cute with hanging her wash . . .
Cute little " old soul!"