Thursday, September 10, 2015


I admit I was envious of dear Lynne's secret patch of bittersweet.  Every year Lynne and pal Barb would post photos of gloriously abundant cuttings of wild bittersweet vine.  Finally, my own vine is producing it's own gloriously abundant cuttings.  I decided to try and make a couple of wreaths.  First I cut the vines and tried to wind them into a wreath.  Not as easy as it sounds, it's like wrestling the vines.  Then I let them dry, which in this humid weather we've been having was not working that well.
 This is the little wreath we got from all that vine...mostly leaves.
 But, isn't she lovely?  Thrilled to have my own vines!
 The berries are green on the vine but pop open and turn orange.
 My assistant :-) pitched in. (the things he does for love!)
 The only bad part, the earwigs that seem to hop out at you, yuck!
 Two beautiful *autumn icons, from my very own vine! (*That is if you've loved Country Living Magazine for years and years!)
 Did a little decorating for the season...
Does anything not look better under a cloche? A fallen branch of oak leaves and some old books bound with an old leather belt.
 Burlap leaves...
Happy Dance!
 This is the pillow that Amanda, Mikey's girlfriend made for me.  She is just learning to sew.  She choose such a beautiful fabric, and did a great job.  Thanks sweetie.
And so it goes, Summer into Autumn.

On a bittersweet note, we missed Charlotte's Grandmother's funeral because of car trouble.  We got onto the tollway headed to Indiana with our frequently repaired vehicle, and it was great for the first hour. Then, the truck started to make these awful noises.  We had to get off the highway and take the long way to get home. We missed being able to share in Charlotte's family's celebration of Grandma Charlotte's wonderful and full life. Our love to you Charlotte and to your family.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your week is filled with happiness.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


babs said...

Great job Penny with the bittersweet. I just found mone popping open as hubby cut my plant and I have an abundance, however, its waayyy up in the tree.

Lynne said...

I think you did a great job with your wreaths . . . I find it difficult to wrap and weave Bitter Sweet vines. Grape vines are easier. Maybe we need to make a trip to Chi-town and bring some vines too????
(Barbie says above that she has Bitter Sweet . . . I didn't know that!)
You have inspired me to get busy with my fall "tweaks and touches!"
Thanks for the inspiration Penny . . .
Love you girl . . .