Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another happy weekend.

 Was there anyone who wasn't moved by Pope Francis' visit to the US?  My Daughter saw this photo on my camera and said it was such a "Grandma thing" to do, take a picture of the TV.  Well. proudly, I am a Grandma and prefer to use my own photos.  (but actually I thought that myself as I was doing it, Ha;-)
 Baking for our Autumn bake sale at Church.  Seems that others were moved to generosity, we received a record amount of donations and purchases.
 The last of the beautiful flowers frm my garden.  The seashell cosmos' are finally in bloom, They are spectacular!
Speaking of spectacular, we spent some time with the small one this weekend.  She declared that she is no longer afraid of fish and asked to go back to the Grove in Glenview, Illinois. (Note, She still is kinda afraid of fish and really afraid of snakes and not too fond of turtles.) There at a historic cabin, children were encouraged to do chores.  Well, Penny took to chores like a duck takes to water.  She is a natural old fashioned girl.

How she loved hanging out the wash.  I  had to ask her to leave some for the other children.
 Thiis girl is so much fun.
I'm on the lookout for another little broom.  We had one but I think it ended up being a prop for another little one's costume.

 Sunday...Seems all the girls from Women's Club were in the baking mood.  The proceeds benefit our many service projects...
...some of which are shown here with my dear friend Carmella. I am so proud of our Guild and love all the remarkable women I call my sisters.

Our dear Charlotte, son Jon's fiancee, celebrated her birthday at home with us with homemade pizza and mini pumpkin cheesecakes.  It is so wonderful to have family together, for any reason, but especially when it's someone as dear as our Charlotte's special day.
 The girls loved hanging the laundry together as much as Penny did at the cabin.  Oh course Grandma had everything already at home
 Penny's first festive arrangement.  She took all the coasters and made this pretty arrangement on a candle.
Yes, a chip off the old block I'd say!
Of course we sat out and enjoyed the beauiful super moon, until the clouds rolled in.

I was able to watch later from my upstairs window when the skies cleared.. The blood red Moon was stunning!  A perfect ending to a happy weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Changes, Big and Small

Out to the curb!  Not my dearest, but the big brown couch.  I had to take a photo after it's farewell journey to the curb for pickup.  It never did make it to garbage day...It was gone in the early morning...I thought I heard a truck stop late last night, as  trucks do on garbage night here in the burbs.  It had some life in it,and it saw plenty of good times here...  The problem with this sofa, with the chaise, is that for it's size it only sat a couple of people.  Once you got in this sofa it took a real effort to get out. So with son Jon's assistance we got it out to the garage, then for garbage day, hubby and I got it on a 4 wheel dolly and we rolled it to the end of the driveway!
 A few photos for posterity
 I even caught a neighbor out for a walk.  He told us his daughter felt so bad about a sofa they got rid of, she kept a arm protector and pillow .  We've had far too many sofas to be sentimental.
 The first day of Autumn finds me  ready.  Our mantel says, FALL!
These chairs will temporarily fill in the family room.  I am considering moving my "studio " space here.
It's a great space, just off the kitchen, eastern facing windows.  There are times when we need this room...Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, when the whole family gathers, but the 362 other days, all my stuff is in the basement.  I can''t work in the basement.  So my conundrum.
 Working by the fireplace in the middle of winter is a romantic notion of mine.
 Early morning view of the living room where we do in fact most of our living.
 These Rowe sofas are sturdy and comfortable.  Their cushions fashion a great fort or cozy nest. ;-) I would love to have them slip covered, but for now it looks great.
 I brought down my Mom's round table that I was using as a nightstand.  I didn't buy one thing and got a completely new living room.
My copper fire pit coffee table, filled with dried lavender, hydrangea and sunflowers.

The other changes, well they are coming too.  New jobs for my dearest, our son in law and for our youngest. Happy changes too.  Today I will count my blessings, as I try to do every day.  I hope all is well with you my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Update

ball jars with cozies and sippy tops
 It all started with  our daughter, Kristen.  
Kris was in a craft show and we got to hang out with our baby grand.  
Kris is a artist in yarn... hats, scarves and shawls.
 Having to take care of that kid again...is the BEST!

Penny loved her Cinderella dress and tiara.  
She makes me laugh so hard.  She asked if that was the "royal" TV? 
 Everything had royal before it...the royal couch, the royal husband...
Which by the way she took from me.  Grandpa is married, AGAIN!  She is all about marrying!
 I absolutely have to call her Cinderella when she is in costume.

We came home in a driving rainstorm, but stopped for pizza and frozen yogurt.  
We enjoy this girl's company.  I can't stop smiling when we're with her.
 Penny is pure fun and love. 

Penny was much more interested in the toys than the yogurt.

Saturday the skies cleared and we went to
 Edward's Orchard for our very first apple picking.
It's a Willoughby tradition, 
we've been picking apples every year since our kids were tots. 
 The last several years we dreamed of having Penny here
 to share this fun and wonderfully Autumnal ritual. 
We were giddy to have the chance to take our babygrand with us.
Penny took the job quite seriously.  
She wanted to carry the basket,
and only when we filled it to half 
was she willing to let Grandpa carry it along the rows.
We laughed, while riding a flatbed truck into the orchard.  
We ate apples and sang.  Penny and I both yelled "Jerry" as a monarch butterfly flew by.
As days go, it was perfect!  
I will be baking with and sharing our bushel.

 On Sunday we made a trip to the small flea market at Wilmot in Wisconsin.  I bought this cool wire basket my sweetheart is holding, and two pairs of scissors.  The walk felt great and it was another beautiful day.

We made it home in time to watch the Bears get creamed.

Oh well.  It was still  the happiest weekend ever. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Midweek Autumnal Report

Little touches here and there and suddenly the house looks Autumnal..

 Found these pumpkin gourds when what I really wanted was baby boo pumpkins.  I have had a love affair with white pumpkins since they first appeared in Country Living Magazine so many years ago. These will do for now... displayed on my dining room table, on a rag rug from IKEA that looks country.

This is what I bought at the Main Street Market, a sheaf of wheat.  A simple and natural way to bring in the harvest look.
...just a few touches, changes the feel of the house from summer to fall.

Just wanted to show you what I'll be giving our babygrand this weekend.  I found this dress for our little princess.  She is all about dress up and Grandma and Grandpa are happy to oblige.  The dress is from the thrift, washed and in perfect condition.  It's a Cinderella dress, for the uninformed.  I need to go to princess school since there are many I am unfamiliar with.  Our three year old knows them all!

To top it off, a lovely tiara.  To see her face light up is priceless. We get so excited,
and I get to pretend right along side her.  In fact I have a fairy name, Fern. Penny shares her Grandmother's vivid imagination. and I get to be a child all over again.  Life is sweet!

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Crazy Fall Weather

 All week there was the threat of bad weather, and the temperatures dropped to the 50 degree mark.

 We were rained out of activities, as a cold rain fell...
 We got our grocery shopping in, not much more.
 Friday we headed to the city to pick up our girls.
 We had a Saturday trip planned to Rockford, Illinois to visit the Main Street Market, Urban Farmgirl's amazing sale.
First I want to show you the only thing I really liked but let go.(It's official, I have become a tightwad!) This cool pastel blue enameled bucket.  Well it's not true that that was the only thing I liked, there were beautiful things everywhere.  Vintage everything, rustic furniture, fences, doors, cool clothes.
 Great music, apple cider donuts, nice people.
 All set in a historic village.
 Great old houses,

Barns with pretty girls in front.  This is my darling daughter Kristen and my much talked about but rarely seen dear SIL Elizabeth.  They, along with Penny and Grandpa made up our group.  I got to visit and hug dear Joy from Savvy City Farmer,(After looking everywhere for her booth, we found her at the very end of our visit, at the entrance where we walked by on our way in!)  It was our first girls outing  at such a venue together, and the day I forgot my phone at home. I just stuck close to someone with a phone and felt kind of naked all day without it.

I did buy something, that I'll show you next time.

We ended our Saturday at a birthday/graduation party for my sweet niece Emma. Where does the time go, from baby to HS Freshman in the blink of an eye. Everyone of my brothers were there .As we all get older they become even more dear to me, as they continue to drive me crazy.:-) Most of my sweet nieces including my very first niece Michele came to celebrate..(I was 14 when Michele was born, you do the math ;-)  I hugged them all, repeatedly!   Family! Once again enjoying having Kris and Doug and Penny with us. Jon and Charlotte too.  I talked to Mike on the way home making it "hat trick" for me.

Our Sunday will be spent watching the Bears beat the Green Bay Packers.  (I may have to amend this post at a later date, they usually cream us.) I will be making my first official pot of soup of the Autumn.  Just in time for the return of hot humid weather later this week.  Oh well, that's how fall in Chicagoland works.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.