Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update

Finished a prayer shawl I started too long ago. It's part of the service projects our Guild supports. I have had three shawls in progress, and with the cooler temperatures in the evening, I like having one on my lap making me cozy as I crochet.

This is a little project I made for Charlotte. She is hooked on owls. I found this vintage brass frame, sanded and sprayed it black. The illustration is from some cute scrapbook paper. It was hanging in the kitchen when we visited Jon and Charlotte this weekend for a little housewarming/birthday celebration.

This is our son Jon and our pal John. (John is more family than friend!) We brought over this coat rack that has been in our family forever. The ceremonial passing of the coat rack...and John was the first to hang his hoodie! We stayed around just long enough to admire the place, have some hot cider and snacks... and when about a dozen friends arrived, we headed home. (no need for mom and dad to ruin the festivities;-).

Sunday was a nesting day...While my better half watched the Bears, I, in a spontaneous need to rearrange got busy. By the time I ( and dear sweet understanding and strong hubby) was finished, I had moved all the furniture, washed the windows, decorated for Fall. Then I made a large salad and home made pizza for the kids who came home to watch the finale of Breaking Bad. (Personally, I am not a fan...I don't even like hearing it from the other room...)

What's on the agenda for his first week of October? The moving of my crafts down two flights of stairs is almost finished. (my knees say thank goodness!) All that's left is my computer and file cabinets. Now to sort and store all that I moved. Phase one almost complete. Washing the front windows looks so good I just might do the back ones. I have a few completed projects to share and a meeting to plan for. Hope all is well with you my friends. Thanks for stopping by, and for all you kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The perks of age...

Making the trip home in one day gave us one vacation day left for resting and some thrifting. We headed out to find that Saver's gives a 25% discount to everyone over 55 on Tuesday. Sweet! The only thing I like more than thrifting is getting a great discount on already cheap stuff.

I found this triple woven throw with a pretty fall pattern. We have one that my dearest bought me years ago in Long Grove. That one is Christmasy, and it's a family favorite because it's cozy quotient is off the charts. Mike called his first nap under this harvest patterned throw, COZY! Price, $3.75!

Sometimes it pays to look around the store. Headed to the back to find my better half, I found this hurricane. It's amber base really caught my eye. It had a Crate and Barrel sticker still on it. I knew it would be a perfect touch for my harvest buffet. I later found the Pier One cinnamon candle. It wouldn't stand straight in the hurricane, so when I got it home, I poured a cup of sand in the bottom, and now it sits perfectly. (doesn't everyone have sand around the house...I have mine for summer displays and luminarias at Christmas) For less than the cost of the candle alone at Pier One, I have this oh so cool addition to my Autumn decorating. I still don't know how to display my beautiful Native American print...

One of my favorite Autumn/Winter decorations is this bowl, from dear Elizabeth. Last year I made these cool pinecones from fabric sent to me from
Barb@ Babs just a Babblin. I love to remember where things come from, their "story." Makes them more special to me.

Here's a beautiful new book, a gift from my daughter Kristen. She knows what Mama likes! I collect Golden Books, and this book, Golden Legacy tells their whole story. Filled with illustrations of vintage Golden Books...perfect for a chilly afternoon's reading, perhaps under my new cozy throw!

Hoping to bake something this weekend from the Heirloom Dessert cookbook. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by for a lil' something. ;-)

Have a great weekend my friends!

Love, Penny

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

There's no place like home, There's no place like home...

There were more than a few times I felt like I could use some ruby slippers
while were were in NY. I am a homebody.  When we are here with Penny, Kris and Doug,
I miss my guys, our family and friends here and home sweet home.
 These were in our hotel lobby.

Home to Kris and Doug and Penny is Brooklyn.

So on our last day there we hung out together.
The grocery favorite place to visit when in NY.
Really, they have the coolest supermarket...
and from the parking lot you can see the Statue of Liberty!
Having Penny with us was a fun experience.
I forget how hard everyday chores become while also
keeping a 16 month old safe and occupied.

A single old fashioned rose dangled right in our path as we walked
the neighborhoods.

At the park...
At this point Papa was pooped!

What's so funny?...

Mommy on the swing!
Have I mentioned what a great Mom Kris is?

Daddy pushing both of his girls.
After just a few swings, off she goes.
Luckily there are closed gates to keep little ones safe.

There she goes!

Their neighborhood has so many lovely churches,
some still churches, some now apartments and homes.


City child, our girl.

The playground.  Almost empty on a Sunday afternoon.

Lined with Ginkgo trees.

My favorite little family.

Snacking on the go.

A cool vintage stove in a restaurant window.
...Then dinner with my heart of hearts.
No long goodbye, I told her I would be back...
(On Saturday night she cried for me when we left...
she was fine, I was not!)
Bridges, tunnels, highways...

Crossing the bridge to go back to the hotel for our last night in NY.
Of course I miss those kids of mine, but boy it's good to be home.

Next time they'll come to me, and I'll be happy to have everyone here...
until it's time for them to go...This Grandma's lament...always having my heart

Thanks for coming along on our adventure.  Back to work, cleaning and moving the
rooms around.  Also taking some time for a little crafting and thrifting.  Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Visit to Sharon Springs NY

Grandpa, Mommy and Penny in front of Beekman 1802

Penny trying to make a break for it.
 First off, every one of these photos is blurred.  It wasn't till I viewed them on the computer
that I realized that my sweet p. had left a tiny fingerprint on my lens.
So just for historical purposes, I wanted to point that out.
Here is my sweetest, Papa to Penny.  He drove 2600 miles in the five days we were gone.
Driving in NY is  terrible.  There is one speed that everyone drives at,
BAT OUT OF HELL!  My dearest got us home safe and sound.
The only damage to our car was a flooded turn signal
from a monsoon rain we went through in Pennsylvania.
Considering the miles and miles of driving,
he was and is my hero!
(and the best traveling companion a girl could ask for!)

Though Sharon Springs is a lovely old town, it is fraught with dangers to a toddler. 
There are cracked sidewalks that go straight up, drop offs into springs,
traffic that seems to come up right to the sidewalks.
Penny wanted to walk, and you would too after 4 hours in the car
from NYC.  She got carsick twice, but was still in a great mood when we
finally got there.

There were so many cool vendors.
I didn't get to see much, though I did see under a few
tables, pulling Penny out by the feet.
When I say this, I was so very happy to follow her.
She is pure JOY.
SO excited about everything, walking up to everyone to
say hi!

We let Mommy do a little shopping and headed back to the car.

Penny rearranged and then I rearranged the pumpkin and gourd displays
in front of Garth and Doug's American Hotel.

Just like our girl to pick up a big pumpkin.

It's really a charming place.

These are a few of the photos of the inside of Beekman 1802.
It is Pottery Barnish, which is my favorite.
Truth be told it was much too crowded to really see much.
We were warmly welcomed by Maria and  I was
checked out by Megan both I recognized from
the show. They are the face of Beekman 1802, and boy they are both amazing.
 We were greeted like an old friends, they seemed to have  genuine pleasure in doing their jobs.
You've got treasure there Josh and Brent!
 Everyone was friendly, warm, helpful
and in spite of the crowd you got a feel for
the Beekman experience.

Kris tried the wrap to keep Penny close and not have
her be stepped on or
Here she was wanting me.  Sigh...

This is while we were waiting to have our
cookbook signed.

Josh kept walking over, making sure we were all okay
and in the shade if possible.  It went pretty quickly.

Me and my girl!

Can you take one more post of this?  Tomorrow, back in Brooklyn.  Thanks for all your kind comments
and for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend with my Baby Grand!

We headed to NY last week, for a long awaited visit with our daughter Kristen, Doug and most importantly, our baby grand, Penny. We have been hoping for a couple of years now to go to Sharon Springs NY for the Harvest Festival there. It's the home of Josh and Brent, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and Kris and I are both fans. We've met them on other occasions, Kris on the street in NY and me at book signings in Chicago and Wisconsin.

Though Penny waited for a tiny bus to take her to the Beekman Farm, one never came. We were not quick enough to get reservations to actually tour the farm. Penny didn't care. She loved the rocks, tasted the rocks, climbed the stairs, said hi to anyone and everyone.

After I purchased a few things at the amazing Beekman 1802 store, including their new book, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook, we walked around to the back of the store to have the book signed by the guys.

I had the time of my life in line, as Penny wanted to look at EVERYTHING, and wanted Grandma to come along. (when she wasn't leading Mommy everywhere.) She loved the rocks, as I mentioned before, the people, the babies, people's shoes, dogs, cars... The coolest part was she said Grandma at least a hundred times! Looking at me... Grandma, running away from me...Grandma, Grandma, Grandma....My favorite, the breathless, g r a n d m a, said with all the love in her heart. Oh my goodness, she has me, heart and soul.

By the time it was our turn, Grandma was wore out, Penny was just getting started.
The guys are truly the sweetest and kindest. As Josh signed my book my mind went blank. I wanted to congratulate them, say something interesting, witty...remind them of our previous meetings... Nothing...whatever I said I can't remember. Then Kris, who had a nice conversation with the guys, handed Penny to Josh to hold for a photo... I so wish I had a photo of it, it was very sweet. Then Penny looked over to me and held out her arms and said, Grandma! I took her from Josh and both Kris and my dearest started taking photos.

Sorry Josh and Brent, this weekend was all about her!

More minutiae about our whirlwind weekend coming soon. I am so grateful to be safely home, I not a good traveler...but now my heart aches missing those beautiful girls o mine.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny (aka g r a n d m a)

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