Friday, February 28, 2014

birthday love

Sorry Jon, but I love this photo!
 Happy Birthday to our son Jonathan aka Jon Jon.  Jon makes us laugh, he's got our backs...great brother, uncle, cousin, friend and sweetheart to dearest Charlotte.  A son that we love so much. We are so proud of the kind of man he has become.  Hard working, kind, loyal and loving, that's our Jon!  Hoping that all your dreams come true on your birthday and always.

Jon and Charlotte and two old folks...

After a little shopping for the house, you know the pasta sauce, paper products and a few trinkets for the birthday boy...

 I had to pass the local thrift...and there was a sale, 50% off all bed and bath!  I had seen this throw last week, but since I have a few (ha!) I walked on by.  Surprise, it was still there!  Now at $2.50.  It's perfect, I think machine made.  I couldn't resist hearts!
 Draped on my bench that occupies the foyer.  Another one of my anxiety projects last week.
 I added a few pieces, and my hugging pillow.  When I really miss my girl, I give this pillow a hug.

 Close's really lovely.
 I also saw these before, they were drapes with the pins still in.  With a little help from my hubby, we tore the pleating tape out and some of the seams before they went in the wash.  It is like sailcloth, and obviously old.
The colors are still bright and looks contemporary, doesn't it? About three yards of fabric for $4.
No plans for the weekend since we are expecting a snowstorm.  We will have a birthday dinner if the birthday boy can make it home for his favorites.  Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.
Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

All on a Winter's Day

 Finished the shawl.  My model was not too happy.  I interrupted his coffee making, but I needed a photo.
 I guess this one would have sufficed.
 I finish the edge where I connect the yarn.  I hide my ends while crocheting, but this makes a sturdy finish.
 Hope it comforts someone, like working on it comforted me during some rough times.
 These are turning out so nice.
 Watched a documentary last night, as suggested by Josh and Brent on Beekman 1802.  It was called Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf. (My sweetie fell asleep while watching his British car shows...) It wasn't something I would normally watch, but I was crocheting and mostly listening.  Then, get this, I hear Steve Martin's banjo music...They used two songs from one of his albums...maybe three, but I recognized two of them.  Banjo music and Bergdorf Goodman?  I was delighted.
This is one of my BD gifts from SIL Elizabeth.  Isn't it cool?  What is it for...I don't really know, except I think it is a cloche. It's not a bee skep.  What would you use it for?

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Love, Penny
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Work in progress.  The house is relatively clean, the laundry done...we are down to one car and the temperature is 20 below with the wind chill.  A excellent day to finish up some projects.

I found this fabric at a rummage sale sometime last year.  When it was washed it frayed in the nicest way.
It looks rustic and vintage.  I had all these floral motifs that I cut out of more rummage sale fabric.  I added the two fabrics together and loved the results.  Yes or no?  
   It felt great to make a few things.  

 These are made with the iron on transfers you can make in your ink jet printer. 

 I crocheted the edge using thread instead of yarn, and in a stitch that I am "hooked" on. ;-)

 Both of these images are from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. 

 While looking for my thread I found this shawl that I started long ago.  Now if I can find the pattern again.  I have yarn left from the other shawl that is almost finished.  Downton Abbey got me through where the Olympics left off. This version starts with a caterpillar sort of center that you work off of.  
I must have it here somewhere.
Some have asked for the pattern for the shawl I am making.  My advice is to google granny triangle.  There are you tube tutorials that are awesome. I wish I was organized enough to have a pattern to send off.

I had to look close at these coleus that I still have on the window sill for Melanie of Comfy House.  Teeny tiny little flowers.  What a beautiful little surprise.  I think I'll start some seeds for you the time Spring comes they'll be ready to plant.

Today I am listening to a new album I downloaded.  My son Mike gave me an itunes card for my BD.
It is the most appreciated little luxury.  I saw that Steve Martin and Edie Brickell are going to be on Great Performances on PBS in March.  Then I heard one of the songs...I bought the album, Love Has Come for You, and now it is on repeat since yesterday. Love it and can't wait to see the performance. If you like folksy, bluesy, banjo (Steve is an artist with a banjo!) and Edie's voice reminds me of Sissy Spacek's in Coal Miner's Daughter. (Both I really love!) (I have to mention here, just for my children...I am in fact a coal miners grand daughter ;-) We saw Steve Martin in concert last summer, so part of the attraction of this music is remembering the beautiful summer night, especially when this cold is never ending.

Have a great day my friends, thanks for stopping by and especially for all your kind comments. It means so much to me for you to take the time... xxoo  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Update/Bad Week Edition

Last week was awful!  You might remember me shouting out to my son Jon and his sweetheart.  Without going into the details, they were involved in TWO car accidents within a week .Neither of them their fault. They are shaken and hurting. With nothing good to say, I said nothing here.  My heart hurts for these two sweet and loving kids.  This explains my absence, as I was working out my anxiety by moving furniture and cleaning and a little crochet. They are amazing and love and support each other so beautifully during all of this.  Makes me proud!

This is a photo showing the true colors of my shawl in progress.  I need another week of the Olympics to finish.  Too bad the closing ceremony was last night! ;-)  
 Last week...
 This week...Not much progress, but some progress.  
 The roses, I hate to see them fade.
Some fabric I picked up at the thrift.  That floral is screaming to be made into a  bag of some sort.  Since I am banned from sending sweet p. yet another blanket,( I admit, I have gone overboard) I will find a needy baby to crochet an edge on this too cute fleece.
I hope they dry and keep their beautiful color. 
 Here's to a better week ahead.  
Thank you for dropping by and for all your kind comments. 
 Enjoy this beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crocheting through the Olympics

Just checking in... Not much to report except snow, snow and more snow. We got out late in the afternoon to clear the driveway yet again. I should have started the winter with a notch in my shovel for each time I shoveled the driveway. We've had 68 inches of official snowfall this year! I don't mind it, really, unless the kids or hubby are traveling. It will be 40 degrees today, more problems when all this snow starts to melt.

Since it was a holiday, my sweetheart and I caught up with Downton Abbey. I loved this week's episode, especially the storyline with Daisy, such a tender moment at the end with Mrs. Patmore.

Then the crocheting... I started this prayer shawl in pinks, greens and white, inspired by a granny square afghan I saw on a crochet site. The colors are not showing up in this photo , but they are very pretty in person.

Loved the ice dancing. Growing up in the Peggy Fleming era, I often imagined what it would feel like to skate beautifully. My brief skating experience at a local park district
outdoor rink, was much more about crack the whip and boys stealing the girls stocking caps than any graceful skating. (As a historical note, I skated in my cousin's hockey skates that my Mom painted hot pink for me!) Davis and White have been skating together for 17 years, they are artists on the ice, and Gold medal winners for Team USA! A relaxing and enjoyable evening at home.

Got an early start today. What's on your agenda? A thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny

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Monday, February 17, 2014

St.Valentine Weekend Update

 We've had a heck of a weekend here on the Willoughby Ranch.  Jon and Charlotte were in a car accident early in the week, and came home for some rest and recuperation.  Jon has whiplash and Charlotte was shaken, adding insult to her already injured back and neck.  The couches were filled and I made them as comfortable as I could.

We went for a grocery run and a little ride on Saturday and encountered MORE EAGLES!  You might get tired hearing about them but it's a thrill to see them.  See that eagle shaped blob in the photo?  Zoom in for a better look.

 We walked the fancy pants mall and checked out the Pottery Barn window.  The walks were clear and the
temperature wasn't crazy cold this weekend.  It was a brief respite since the snow is flying as I write this.  Another 4 to 6 inches of snow today.
 A little splurge...  I've been good as far as my need for magazines, but these just need the long look see.  So many cool things packed into the photos.
 I am thinking and decorating in anticipation of , dare I say, SPRING!
 Sweet blossoms!
 I celebrated a birthday this weekend.  I'll say it loud and proud, I'm 59!  I received so many cards and gifts, well wishes on Facebook...even a birthday video from our sweet p.
 Be still my heart.
Roses from son Jon.  Life is very good.

Now if we can get Jon and Charlotte on the mend... Here's hoping for a better week ahead for those two.
So glad they choose to come home for a while.

Wishing you a great week.  Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

xxoo  Penny

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Roses for all my friends...

A cheerful heart, I wish to you...

Friendship, from me to you...

All you need is love, love...

My Valentine and I will be celebrating, in the wild extravagant way we have for lo these many years. Happy Valentine's Day my dear friends. Wishing you love, today and always!

xxoo Penny

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

I know nothing of tomorrow, except the love of God will rise before the sun... A song that comes to mind so often. I'm sure I've quoted it before.

A beautiful gift from a beautiful friend. Thanks Kath. She is one of two people in the world who call me Penka...the Polish nickname Buscia called me. (my big bro Tony is the other person) Looks like spring, these cheerful towels will surely brighten things up around here.

Hey Jon and you guys! Just wanted you to know!

Waiting for this girl. Look at that beautiful hair, she's just two years old...I'm sure to get a lot of hugs. And then her big sis is coming after school. Oh what a beautiful day!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.

Love, Penny

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