Monday, December 7, 2020

Back on the horse that threw me...

Oh I do love blogging and the almost eleven year history I have here At Home in English Valley.  Time alone is so scarce, and my office was in such a shambles that I never wanted to share the little extra time I have in here.  With the Corona virus out of control and my world, that has been small since losing my dearest, has become even smaller.  My life is a happy but lonely one without Tyke.  Not for want of company.  I have two beautiful, happy and wonderful constant companions in my sweet toddlers Stevie and Irene. We are not visiting as we had been doing with our bubble of daughter Kris, Doug and Penny or Mikey and Amanda.  We are all in the same boat, so no use complaining. 
 I just miss everyone.  

I made it a point this weekend to make sense of the mess I call my bedroom and office. We are bursting at the seems in this house.  Every nook and cranny is filled.  It was just a matter of a little sorting, purging and organizing that got me to the point that I am in my office, with a clean table!

I started decorating on Thanksgiving while I was home alone.  Jon worked, Charlotte was visiting her Mom with the girls.  I didn't even have to start dinner until 2:30 when I put our turkey breast in the oven. Very unthanksgiving like. I made care packages for Kris and Mikey.  Homemade pierogi and bread, sweets and even oranges with cloves for making pomanders, a holiday tradition that goes back to when I was a kid
 I purchased a Christmas tree through a website, since I could not imagine shopping for a tree in person.  It's the nicest tree we have ever had.  It's from Balsam Hill and it was on sale, but still a splurge.  It looked great just out of the box, three pieces fit together like butter. 
 I plugged it in and was done.

 I searched for a few pieces from my Christmas stash, put up the old tree in the family room 
and called it Christmas.

It's surprising how little I need to change for the seasons and how much things stay the same.  

Penny and I bought these sheep in the spring.  

This is a thrifted plate.  That is one vise I miss.  Going to the local thrift.  

This little display came out of a sack o trees and the little sign.

I am so rusty here, so much to say, really difficult to express all I feel during nap time.  I am so very grateful to these little ones.  They are so excited to see me.  This morning I got so many hugs.  Stevie wants to hold my hand and walk with me. Irene loves snuggles.  They love to laugh and sing.  I read the same book over and over.  We build with blocks, in good weather they love to get out.  They are past  being happy in the stroller, but are too fast for me to leave the yard without reinforcements.

My family is doing well, working remotely except for Amanda and Jon. Penny is  doing very well in school, though not happy about remote learning.   Looking forward to seeing the girls reaction to Christmas morning.  Not sure if we will be together with the rest of the family,
but our Facetime calls are pretty funny. 
 You can count on our guys for the jokes 
and the girls for the entertainment.
 This year will be different.  Nothing is promised to us, 
so I will enjoy today and every beautiful day
 I get with my wonderful family.

Take Care, Stay Safe, Be Well.
Sending love and hope and peace to you all.
Enjoy this beautiful Day.

Love, Penny