Thursday, March 21, 2019

Twins, what a blessing!

 Many years ago, a little boy wanted a doll.  He wanted to pretend to be a Daddy, and a wonderful Daddy to "Emily" he was... Except for the time he forgot Emily in the catalog department at JC Penney, but she was quickly found and reunited.  On March 15th, our son Jonathan, Emily's Dad became a real Daddy to two beautiful girls!

 Stevie Kristen and Irene Rose came into the world at 34 weeks. Beautiful Charlotte struggled to keep them for as long as she could, but when it became dangerous for Mom and babies, they were delivered/

 The girls came into the world tiny but mighty.  Within a few days Stevie was off the ventilator, and was not having the breathing tube.  She's strong just like the Grandpa she was named after. Stevie figured out that if she raises her arm to expose the temperature monitor, the heat in her bed goes on.  They can't keep her arm covered, she wants it free.  Jon is sure she knows exactly what she's doing.

 Irene is hungry.  She will finish her bottle and look for more.  She will lie on her Daddy, skin to skin and put her tiny face right in his chest.  Try to more her into another position and she returns to face first.  Maybe she loves the way Daddy smells.

I've known that Jon would be a good Dad, but the transformation was instant.  He told me he cannot imagine his life now without his girls.  Going home without them is painful for him.  It makes me so very proud of the sweet, sensitive yet strong son we raised.  Very much like his own Dad, and my dear Dad.  They are the best examples of Fatherhood, and Jon has learned from the best.

 Charlotte, the Woman of the Year!  Recovery from a C-section is no picnic.  Carrying twins to 34 weeks is heroic.  Charlotte is the sweetest Mom, and a fighter too. We could not be there for the births, but Charlotte's Mom was close by and got to see them very soon after birth.  Roseann is a special woman, and we will be a great Grandma team.

 We haven't seen the girls except on face time.  Grandpa had some severe health problems the same week that the girls were born.  We were in one hospital while the girls were in another miles and miles away.
 Auntie Kristen had food poisoning and was so sick at home. Kris felt so helpless, not being able to help Charlotte or Dad and Mom.  It was not a week I would care to relive. We were each on our own but connected by text messages.  When my dearest was admitted to the emergency room, Jon and Mike came to be with us.  That very night in a suburb an hour away, they decided to take the babies, but then changed their minds and set a time for the delivery on Friday.  Jon traveled back and forth that night.  We didn't know what was wrong with my hubby, or when the babies would be born, and if they were ready or when Kris would start to feel better.  It tested all of us, but, we're Willoughbys damn it, and we persevered.  (We use this phrase in the face of adversity, and it always makes us smile.)   

 To make this very long story short...
The babies are thriving.  They are breathing on their own and eating, gaining weight.  They still have a while to spend in the hospital, but Charlotte has been released. Kristen is fine.  She was able to finally see us the day my dearest was released from the hospital.

There is a Ronald McDonald House close to the hospital 
so that Charlotte and Jon can be close to the twins, and to each other. 

My dearest, after more tests and procedures than anyone should have to go through,
 is home with me, on the mend and doing so much better.  This conjuncture of events tested all of us. I could not be more proud of our kids who stepped up for their Dad and me, and for each other.  Only my sons could make us laugh in an emergency room so hard that I cried.  A tech came in and told us that everyone was talking about us, I thought we might be too loud, but he said everyone was saying how nice we all were.  Mikey came with us for tests, so I wouldn't need to wait alone.  Constant contact by texts with Jon and Charlotte, Mike and Amanda and Kristen and Doug kept up every ones spirits and added a bit of humor to even the hardest days. Our family has grown by two, but what those tiny girls have gained is immense.  A family that truly loves and cares for each other.  
Selfless and compassionate. 

Welcome to the family Stevie and Irene.  We already love you both so much.  Having three granddaughters surpasses all of our dreams. Penny is ready to lead the pack, and a wonderful example she is.  Fun, smart, kind and beautiful, inside and out, just like Stevie and Irene will be. 
 We are so very blessed.

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny    

Monday, March 11, 2019

Sunshine and Shadows

 A long week and a quiet weekend. A visit from our girl on Friday.  We crafted and played.  She lights up the house.  Always busy, filled with great ideas and fun. It rained like crazy on Saturday and Sunday was long and quiet.  Usually my favorite day, daylight savings and all.  It wasn't till late in the day the sun came out.
 I followed the sun, upstairs and down.

 Outside, as the sun was setting.  At 7:00 it still was light.  Hooray!

 Even with all the rain, the ground is still frozen and covered in ice.

 This week the temperatures will warm.  This morning I heard birds singing.

 Spring is around here somewhere.

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast."-Alexander Pope

"A light exists in Spring, Not present in the year
at any other period
When March is scarcely here."
- Emily Dickinson

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

Monday, March 4, 2019

Today was a good day...

 This cold weather is getting me down, but there is still good everyday, even with a -14 wind chill.
My geraniums are blooming, such a pleasant contrast to the cold outside.  The sun is shining!

 It's so much easier to bear any burdens on a sunny day.

 This could be a root or could be a sprout on my orchid.  My SIL Elizabeth brings home all the orphaned plants from work, then shares them with her family and friends. Seems everyone has had a blooming orchid.  My green thumb only extends to the outdoors...with the exception of my geranium, who likes me. My hope springs eternal.

A few of the gardening gifts from my birthday, ready to go.  We still have all of March, all of April, and at least two weeks in May according to the zone 5A growing map. 
 By then, we will also have two little sprouts of the baby kind. 
We helped the parents to be with computer issues, (my dearest computer guy) and with getting the girl's room in order. Those girls have literally hundreds of socks!  Thanks to Grandma Roseann, a beautiful chest of drawers that will hold them, and all their other clothes.

 While my regular Monday chores wait, I started to paint a few boards.  Where this spurt of creativity came from, I don't know.  I hope to make a few signs, something I saw by a talented artist, but easy enough that I might be able to make also.  We will see.

 My darling babygrand insists on calling my dress form Esmeralda, when her proper name is Elise, like Elise McKenna in Somewhere in Time.  Funny, because my Dad called our Kris and me Esmeralda occasionally. I was putting these roses away and thought they would be a beautiful addition to my little vignette.  I have to clean my sewing room before moving Elise there.

 My eyes are bad and I do not see the frayed edges of the flowers until I look at the photos.
Soon new glasses! 

 Little spots of spring.

 After removing the Valentine's decorations, 
there is a cleansing moment, 
and a slow cleaning and decorating for Spring and Easter.

 Paper Source Peony Kit from a few years ago. It goes everywhere, including a stint on the front door.
It's just paper, but has not faded or come apart. 

 A gift from my daughter.  These succulents I will not kill, they are faux.  

Click on it to enlarge.

Have you seen this post on facebook?  It's been posted a few times, and I hope that you'll read it if you haven't already.  It's about attitude and perspective. When I read it first on Maria Shriver's page, I though, what's up?  She is always so positive and encouraging.  Then you get to the bottom.  Today was a good day!

 Elizabeth knows my affection for Smokey.  She found me this old comic. 

This Wednesday starts Lent.  Just weeks till Easter.
I have already had my first paczki.  
We wait for the Spring, most importantly for our girls safe and healthy arrival.
For the new parents to be, we've got your backs.  
The whole lot of us are baby crazy, and can't wait to help.
Jon and Charlotte are so ready. 
 They are experienced baby wranglers,
 and the sweetest, funniest and most loving couple.  

Grateful as always for our many blessings.

Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny