Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Update

 Some lovely tulips from a lovely young lady.
An embossed aluminum tray with tulips.  A thrift store find, perfect for Spring.
 We've had our share of cloudy days, but when the sun comes, out it's warming the soil.
 The hostas have popped.
 Live. Love. Grow.  Good advice for anytime.
 Pushing the season, I found these perfect peonies at the thrift.
 They look so real they fooled my SIL who is flower crazy.
 Looking through the trees won't be possible after a few more warm days and some gentle rain showers.
 The Queen Anne's Lace I had let go to seed out front might take over this year.  I really love having it in my garden, and nothing else seems to want to grow under the canopy of our blood red maple.
 Thrilled by a hosta... I know how my Mom felt years and years ago when she came home with a grocery bag of hosta transplants from a neighbor.  Mom planted them all around the tiny front yard of our home in the city, and was so proud each year when they popped.  I wonder if they are still there?
Trees are leafing out all over.
 A colony of ants has taken up residence in my planter out front.  Yikes!

 Does anyone else look at their home and love it with all it's imperfections?  To know how blessed we are to have a home, filled with Love and kids and messes and's something I never take for granted.

 The beauty all around us...
...for no day is promised, every one a gift!

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Lake

 In the landscape of love
 The Lake is a serene presence
 Where two hearts enjoy the recess
 Diving to the depths of happiness
 And soak up the warmth of love.  Amitav Radiance
 Another mini vacation.  A day when the sun was warm and the Lake was misty. Our hearts full.
 I heard a whippoorwill for the very first time.
 The song was very loud and the bird very small.  We only caught sight of him on the wing.
Oh to have a home right here, with beautiful Lake Michigan as your back yard.

We had a great week, a happy weekend, and now, a full week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's in the Bag!

 I finished my summer market bags I made from Ikea rugs.  What's in the bag is winter, in the form of hats and scarfs I stuffed inside to plump up the empty bags. I added the faux roses, a pretty pink shawl and 3D glasses, since I didn't have a pair of sunglasses handy.  Funny the things that end up in the junk drawer.;-)

 This bag is for my darling daughter and is lined in Tim Holtz fabric.  Tim Holtz is a artist and designer that works primarily in paper crafts, and now is designing fabric.  This fabric called my name...and Kristen's too.
 The shawl was a birthday gift from dear Jane.  I decorated the hat for a tea party at my cousin Di's home, maybe ten years ago.  I made all the ribbon flowers during my ribbon flower period.  My creativity does come and go in periods...When I have some time I should list them...I've tried most everything from ceramics and basket weaving to quilting and silk screening..

It was a cloudy afternoon, not much natural light.
 My 3D glasses.  Ha!  Matthew Mead and Fifi  O'Neill would never let that happen in a vignette.
 Any way,  I am pleased with how the bags turned out.  My fabric lining is from the thrift.  It looks a little like bark cloth, but it s upholstery fabric.
 I look forward to attending a few sales and markets this spring and summer, and will enjoy stuffing the things I find in my groovy new bag. I know that Kristen will enjoy her bag too.
 Some details...
 Pockets inside for your "3D glasses"...
wallet and such.

Truth in blogging.  All is stuff was on the coat rack, because, as of yesterday, it's still winter here!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Struggle

Oh how Spring wants to blossom in all it's glory, but Winter still has a hold on us.  Snowstorms just pop up and melt before you can remember to take yet another photo of snow in April.  Today the weather has turned mild.  Just in time for opening day of Cubs baseball here in Chicago.
The buds on my white lilac are ready, just a warm day or two is all they need to blossom.

Started a project last week that I have yet to complete.  I've seen so many cool bags made out of feed sacks, but I thought I could make a cool bag from these Ikea rugs.  They are just a few dollars and the perfect neutral.
 I started by cutting off the fringe, folding  the rug in half and sewing the sides together.
 The rug is not as thick as it looks and was easy to sew through.
Then to make a square bottom so the bag stands, I sewed across the side seam about three inches from the bottom.
 I did not trim the rug fabric because I didn't want it to fray.
 Pretty easy.  Then I did the same steps with a fabric cut to the same size as the rug , with a few inches added to make a lining I could fold over.
 Now to add a strap and some other finishing touches.  I'll post when they are complete.  One is for Kris and one for me.

 Found a few cute things at the thrift for our girl...
 and a couple of things for me.

In family news...We have a new great niece, here to be known as baby beans.  This beautiful little sweetheart was born last week and went a whole day without a name!  Now she has a beautiful name and two amazing sisters.  We are so excited to meet her and get some sweet newborn baby time.  Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby?  In other news, son in law Doug had surgery on Friday.  All went well and their little sweetie, our babygrand spent some time with good old grandma and grandpa.  Rainy cold weather kept us inside, doing art projects, playing and pretending.  We are getting into some routines when Penny visits that include some "quiet time" in the afternoon.  Otherwise known as nap time, but no muss no fuss when we just sit quietly and Penny falls asleep in my arms.  It's bliss!

Company today, back to sewing tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!