Friday, November 30, 2012

Some nicer than others...

Using what you have works to a point...  Sometimes serendipity happens when two fabrics accidentally end up together and work.  Like this brown floral and this embroidered green.  The butterflies are mostly brown and it works. The true colors are to the top and the left in this photo.

They might be the prettiest pillowcases I've made and have a decorator look to them.

Then there are the bohemian butterflies. Yikes!  My Dad had a term for this, lightning striking an outhouse!
LOL! The neon fabric I got cheap, and I couldn't find a solid that matched. What goes with butterfiles?... more butterflies...   They are nicer in person, but still wild!

These are my Hanukkah pillowcases ;-) , great all winter long.  I guess I'm a little pillowcase happy right now. I've made 20 so far, most are gifts that I can't show.
I got all the fall decorations packed up and back in the basement, thanks to son Mike.  Then he brought up the tree and some blanket bags that hold pillows, throws and such. Usually I have an idea of what I want to do as far as decorating, but right now I am pondering...

 I'll let you know what I come up with.  Have a great weekend my friends. 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rainbow Blanket

Kris got a new sling to carry Penny in.  It is in this bright rainbow print.  There was some fabric left over, and Kris asked if maybe I could make something from it.

So I backed it with some cream colored wool I felted and stitched in the ditch along the color lines, quilting the two fabrics together. 

This will work great for protecting Penny from the cold when in her sling, and also won't slip like a smooth fabric might.  Kris loves wool and Penny doesn't seem to mind it.  Grandma is itchy just sewing with it and I sneeze whenever I have to cut wool fabric.  The things we do for love;-)

Just a little hand sewing of the binding I cut from the same fabric and reversed the stripes for a little fun.

If I can't have sweet p. in my arms, at least I know she'll be warmed by Grandma's work.  Have a beautiful day my friends!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I begin with the after shot.  This paper mache angel has seen many years of service in my home...In fact, in our last home in the city too.  I bought it at Frank's Nursery and Crafts...they have been out of business for years now.  Anyway, one day last month... I saw something somewhere...  Can I be more specific?  No;-).  I just thought, why can't I make over this angel to better suit my tastes now.

Here's how it started out...kinda gold and pretty but looked a little beaten up and worn.

So I threw caution to the wind and got out some paint I got at the home depot.
It might be was just a couple of dollars.

This was one coat... and yes, I was painting in the dining room. *

* I was waiting for the football game to end so I could watch Josh and Brent on the amazing race.  They are still in, and I am so proud of them.  They have been so kind and generous throughout, helping other teams and supporting each other.   Especially in difficult situations,  they have shown that they are really wonderful men...  It is a game, and they are in it to win,  but they have not forgotten kindness, respect for other cultures and are just the gentle and honorable men I know them to be. I love those guys!  Go Team Beekman.
This is after two coats.  I really like it again.  I can see this angel working for all seasons...Hey, I like that!

I am having a hard time missing my sweet p., and she seems to miss us too.  Once you have the real thing in your arms, face time just doesn't cut it.  Penny had lots to say this morning, complaining really...and Grandma just cried. She seems to be reaching for me...  Grandpa saved the day with his "Floating Head Grandpa" routine that gets big smiles every time.  I was afraid that this would happen, and open up the flood gates for this weepy old Grandma.  It will take me a while...but being busy is my best medicine.  Christmas is coming, and I have a bunch of projects that need doing.    Some projects in the works will have to wait till after the holidays to show.  Until next time my friends ...Busy hands make a happy heart...  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grateful Grateful and Blessed

Thanksgiving week was so wonderful, Kris and Doug and Penny were here on Tuesday, and spent the week with us.  I got to be GRANDMA in the best way.  I woke and showered earlier each day so I could get some time with Penny.  Oh those sweet hours when the house was quiet and the world was asleep, except us.  She is WONDERFUL.  She slept in my arms, danced to Christmas music,
played her jingle bells...we marched and sang...

penny helped me make bread!  Grandma's out there, you know.  The most sweet and magical feeling spending some time with my grand daughter!

The kids pitched in to lighten the load for me.  These freed up some "penny and Penny time" and I was so grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Did I mention that Grandpa has a big fan.  Penny thinks he is the very best.
Something Grandma already knows.

We had 23 for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Everyone had a great time.  Lot's of hugs and kisses.  Babies, I was in baby heaven.  This beautiful arrangement was made by my SIL Elizabeth.  The pumpkin candle holder in the first photo is from my SIL Mindy.  Kris came loaded with gifts for Grandma.  This is one happy and tired Grandma.

The nicest thing, is that I had my kids all here, not on Thanksgiving,
but we spent Friday together. Unfortunately, dear Charlotte was under the weather...
but I made sure she was comfortable, warm and
had her favorite peppermint tea.
I made brunch and later we ordered pizza.  We were a little light in the leftovers ;-) but not desserts. 
We sent home cupcakes, cheesecake bars
 and pumpkin coffee cake and still have some in the frig.

What can I say...We have problems just like has been tight this year, but everyone is working.  We have all been healthy and spared the wrath of storms and disasters.  I have my family, all wonderful unique...special to me in every way.  How can you not be grateful when you are so very blessed.
Counting my blessings, My dearest, so dear I'm counting him twice;-) Kris, Doug, PENNY, Jon and Charlotte, Mike and Rachel, My brothers, their amazing wives, nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephew.  My heart is overflowing!!!

All the Autumn decorations come down soon and I'll start preparing the way for Christmas...but first some much needed rest.  Have a great day my friends, thanks for stopping by.  Go Bears!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

she's here!

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,
For babies grow up, I’ve learned, to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.

–Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

baking day

I'm getting my act together and made today baking day. We are having 22+ for Thanksgiving...and my whole crew for dinner again on Friday when we can all be together. Cookies...chocolate and peanut butter chips, pumpkin coffee cake, apple cheesecake bars, chocolate cupcakes.

But the sweetest of the sweets is flying to Grandma's. She's such a pro, hanging out waiting for her flight...

...hope she'll want to help Grandma with the pumpkin pies when she gets here!

Sending out love and good wishes to all of you, for a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving. Enjoy every minute!


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Prep?

Can you say procrastinate?  I feel like I have a handle on things this year, so I am thrifting, crafting, reading and otherwise occupying myself with things other than holiday prep.
I found this oh so cute sweater for sweet p.  Everyone needs a festive holiday sweater, even a savvy New Yorker like Penny. ;-)

I always pick up blankets with Winnie the Pooh.  Not exactly for Penny, but for all the baby play around here with the girls.  They are all going to be great Moms someday.

Trying to print another transfer of this cool graphic, I mistakenly hit sepia.  Now it's my favorite.  I also found in my stash this quilted muslin.  I've made so many pillows with this fabric through the years, it's just beautiful.  This one is for me. 

One of Kristen's friends is in need of some TLC.  Kris asked if I might still have some of this IKEA fabric... It is our all time favorite. I looked through my stash and found enough to make a few pillowcases.  Pillowcases lead to more pillowcases.  I find them the most fun thing to sew.  I ended up sewing seven on Sunday, and managed to finish them up this morning.  The Christmas print is anything but traditional...owls!  I used what I had, the bright green that is repeated in the print, for some cute and unusual holiday pillowcases.

I also found this matilesse, Shabby Chic brand pillow sham, still in the package for a song at the thrift.  It's going right on the guestroom bed, freshly washed and ready to welcome our visitors from the east. 

How I will get anything done after the arrival of my grand daughter, is the question of the day.  I am so excited, over the moon, you might say anticipating her arrival.   I am not alone, as Grandpa, the guys, and the whole family are anxious to see her again and for some, meet Penny for the first time. Be still my heart!

Well, I've procrastinated enough for this morning.  Grateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly, GRATEFUL!
Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Have a wonderful day.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recipe for A Successful Event

Set your tables with fun and beautiful decorations...each table was different and original...

Add some snacks... appetizers, 2 big pots of soup, with all the trimmings...

Delicious baked goods... a big pot of coffee, two kinds of wine...add some festive Christmas sweaters and jammies, the best friends a girl could ask for...

Christmas music, happy faces, beautiful hand crafted items, paintings, quilts, you name it...

When all was said and done our event was a great success.  Together we pulled it off, and are so glad that it's over, and so are our club obligations for this guild year.

Our Thanksgiving will be a week long celebration.  The arrival of Kris, Doug and sweet p. is much anticipated by the whole family.  Bliss, a full and noisy, happy and warm home...  So very much to be grateful for, and I am so grateful for you my dear friends. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yikes, It's almost here!

We woke up to a dusting of snow.  Seems winter is almost here, that is if you forget the 70 degree day we had over the weekend! Yes, our Club Auction is almost here too.  Just a couple of days to get everything in order.
 So what am I doing?  Still crafting.

I made this pillow from the Pendleton robe I found.  On closer inspection it had many holes.  I don't know if they are moth holes or just wear.  I don't mind, but I wouldn't put this one up for auction.  I used a piece of the robe with a pocket I could fill with treasures.  The back is cream colored wool I thrifted and felted in the washer.  It's a cozy combination.

I loved this image and transferred it  on to some drop cloth fabric with an iron on.  I didn't trim the transfer so I hated that the transferred image had a clear inch on the top and bottom.  I used this lace trim to disguise my mistake.  Now I like it very much and think I will keep it for the house. I am not sure of the source of the image, 
I've had it a long time

This funny looking thing is for the auction.  It's called a Sweetheart Mitten.  One hand goes in one side and your sweetheart's hand goes into the other. You can still hold bare hands and have a cozy walk.  Cozy walks are something I especially enjoy, and my sweetheart has a technique for slipping both of our hands in the sleeve of his hoodie.;-)  I've had this pattern for years and searched locally for the cuffs I needed to make it.  I hope it will sell at auction.  It's weird, and one of a kind...
and everyone knows a
couple of sweethearts, right?

Don't you like this fleece?  I had navy cuffs so the fleece had to have navy in it and not be too girly.  Well, seriously, what guy is gonna wanna wear this...  but isn't it a sweet idea.  It came from a book called Ultimate Polar Fleece Pizzazz.  I also got the pattern for the quilted mittens I showed a few posts back from this book.

I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Thank goodness for all the great women in our guild that all play a part. Wish us luck!  Have a great day my friends!

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