Monday, January 25, 2016

Full Moon on Monday

 I can't remember ever seeing a beautiful full moon in the morning, like the one my dearest is holding in his hand.
 It was surprising and romantic.  Not sure if it was the moon but there was love in the air...
A project...Painted this $5 tray from the thrift with the very bottom of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 
 I still need to sand and wax it.... 
... Just couldn't wait to use it in a little vignette.  Roses from the grocery store in a beautiful vase that was a gift from my Guild Sisters years ago.
These appetizer plates cheer me so.  The were taped together for $1.99, and all I could see was the Iris. Little did I know the other hidden beauties...Sweet Peas, or Foxglove?  Even Penny recognized the Poppies!
 They are melamine.

 A sunny Monday morning with roses.  Perked me up, how about you?
 Our local market has had these spray roses all winter for $5 a bunch.
 They are lovely for a couple of weeks then dry beautifully too.
Are you itching to get outside a little?  Found this and tried to remember that spring is not far away.
We also found a little something for our babygrand. at a new thrift that recently opened nearby.  It will take her no time to fill the bins with her treasures.

I was snottier than usual ;-) last week with a cold, but feeling more like myself today.  Not quite up to sanding and waxing my tray, but I maybe should take it outside and get it done during this heat wave we're having.  38 degrees!  Feels almost tropical.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  A special  shout out to Tessa, Debby and Lynne.  You haven't given up on this blogger, but encourage me with your kindness. Thank you!  I so appreciate all of my readers, or as I prefer to call you... friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Idle

Sometimes in winter all I want to do is putter.  Nothing really gets done except a load of laundry here and a few odds and ends put away..  But last week, my dear pal Sue was celebrating her 61st birthday.  She is exactly one month older than I am.  We always try to get together in January or February to celebrate.
I found this photo on Sue's face book page of her husband Ron's Grandmother.  I thought it was so beautiful that I made this pillow for Sue.
Using a ink jet transfer and a little muslin,  I found this cool vintage camera charm at the Hob Lob, and a flower using vintage materials that I made.  It was simple but sweet.
 Then I got in the crafting mood.  I made this corsage.  When we were in High School, (Alvernia Class of 1973!) when we turned 16 we bought each other a corsage with sugar cubes for sweet sixteen.  Since Sue was turning Sweet 61, I made an old school sugar cube corsage, except I used Styrofoam instead of real sugar cubes...much lighter and she'll be able to have it as a keepsake.
 It was just a silly thing, but Sue got a kick out of it and wore it onstage .  Sue and Ron perform as Peaches Beach Party, with Sue on piano, Ron on vocals and guitar.  They also have two drummers and a steel drum.
 Ron has been in bands from when we first met in 1969!  We've been friends all our adult lives!
 They performed at an event on Sue's birthday so we surprised her by attending.
She looks so darn good, is a great musician and a Grandma of four! We visited with other friends and some members of Sue and Ron's family.  A really nice time...It seems impossible that we are now all in our sixties!
I had texted with our other pal also named Sue that afternoon. These are forever friends!  We've been through it all together and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

I have a few projects going, but this was quick and easy.  I found this leaded glass mirror..  It had some funky flowers on it, but I guessed that they would come off with a razor blade, and they did.
When I hang it somewhere I'll show you the completed project.  One dollar and some elbow grease.

"Look with delight on winter's reign,
Where neath a fluffy counterpane,
Knitted by the swirling snows,
Earth claims her hour of sweet repose."
-Mildred L. Jarrell

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

This was yesterday morning, after a frosty night.  There's something magical about sunlight on snow that I never tire of.
I prepared for the weather with a trip to the library, where I am greeted as a minor celebrity.  All of my kids worked at our local library, so I am the connection to Kristen, Jonathan and Michael.  Friends want to know how everyone is doing, and I am glad to tell them the latest about my favorite topics, my babies! (Patrons are still asking about Mike, and he has been gone for a year now.  Does a Mom's heart good to know many folks miss that sweet guy!)
I got a stack of books, but the book I want you to read is Martin Short's, I Must Say.  I cried, which is no surprise, but it is such a great book, very very sad at times and then I was laughing out loud.  If you enjoyed Martin on SCTV back in the day, loved Innerspace (A movie with Dennis Quade and Meg Ryan, my kids and Dad watched it a dozen times at least.) , Captain Ron...(There is a part in the book about Kurt Russell that I still can't talk about, it was so beautiful and kind.) .If you grew up with the comedy of the 70's and 80's it a treasure trove of wonderful stories...even one about George Harrison... I can't image you would be disappointed, but I warn you ...TISSUES!  Maybe a box!
 A beautiful sunrise, we wake up early here in the Valley.
We had a small party for a little bug who turned four.  My great niece who celebrates her birthday, just after the big holiday celebrations, is so sweet and special that I try to make a fuss.  We had a Frozen party, of course.
 With snow dusted cupcakes and homemade pizza.  Every one's favorite.
 The amaryllis are still going strong.
And now the red one has sent up another shoot.  They are so much fun to watch grow.  I recommend them to brighten up these cold cold days.

Getting anywhere has been a challenge, especially for a driver like me who likes dry pavement.  Luckily after some work and some rest we got out for a while.  As much as I love home, it's wonderful to fill your lungs with crisp cold air...then hop back in the warm car!
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Monday, January 4, 2016

2016... Where's my flying car?

 As a Girl born in 1955 I imagined so many things.  I couldn't have possibly imagined all the changes in the world in my sixty years.  The one thing I imagined that hasn't happened is the flying car.  As a fan of science fiction, my Dad filled our heads with notions...wristwatch TVs, space travel and flying cars.  I carry an I phone where I have the world at my fingertips.  Missing my son in Ohio, call him, Face time him, text him...
Want to know that guy, you know that guy that was in that movie... I know his name before it drives me crazy.   So my only complaint...Where's my flying car? ;-)

We had a quiet new years eve, spent with the sweetest girl in the world babygrand Penny.  We celebrated a New York NYE at 11 our time.  We danced and pulled party poppers, ate chocolate cake and had a toast with sparking sangria..  We went to bed and after two stories, Penny was fast asleep, and Grandpa and I watched the Chi-Town rising coverage from downtown Chicago. (Don't get me started on the Chi-Town title..NO ONE in Chicago calls it Chi Town!
We took a drive to Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  .  This time last year, the Lake was frozen, this year open water.
We ate lunch and enjoyed the frosty surroundings.

 I will have a hard time taking down my decorations this year.  It just looks so cozy.
We had our first fire of the year.  Great company, good music...Why don't we do this more often? (Mostly because it's been so unseasonably warm this fall and winter.)
 Flowers still fresh from Christmas...
 All white Christmas, at least inside.  We didn't get snow until after Christmas Day, and then it was inches of ice and a flurry of snowflakes,
 We got out and did a little thrifting.  Nine dollars for 2 baskets, Southern Living flower frog vase and small covered glass jar and several yards of fabric.
 Love the color.
 Because I need ANOTHER wire basket!
These are Stock, beautifully scented and they last a very long time.

 I grew an amaryllis for the first time, and now I have another tradition for Christmas.  It was so sweet for our little one and for me to watch a tiny sprout turn into these amazing flowers right before our eyes.
In the bleak mid winter nothing could be more thrilling than have these beautiful blooms welcome us in the morning and when we arrive back home.  Truly magical!

I hope that you had a great start to 2016.  I wish you good health and happiness and Love, especially LOVE!  Enjoy this beautiful day.