Friday, May 28, 2010

At the Beach

Here's my beach, the tide is low...look at all the treasures!
I'm decorating with a beach theme for the summer. The mantle in the family room...
And the beach...Is actually my coffee table. A copper fire bowl. The tempered glass top, though not resistant to little finger prints, protects whatever I display. (The glass would not shatter, but would crumble like a car window in a worst case scenario.) Oh, to really be at the beach... Enjoy this beautiful day.

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My Take on Tissue Flowers

I went a little crazy with the walnut ink , but I think I like how these flowers turned out. I added shredded paper to the centers, and a little bling with some vintage aurora borealis or amber earrings at the center. Have you seen these moss covered rocks at the dollar store? They are in the wedding section, such a cute accent.

I'm looking forward to welcoming a visitor from the East, our daughter Kristen! She'll be here for the holiday weekend. I am gonna squeeze her, and kiss her, and call her George! (A family joke!) I am the happiest when all my kids are home.

Thanks to dear Dawn of The Feathered Nest for mentioning me on her incredible blog. She has been so kind and supportive, and her talent just blows me away. She shares ideas and vintage images daily, and takes the time to support new blogs. Her comments make my day, as do all of the comments I receive. That encouragement means the world to me. My thanks to each of you.

Have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Local Boy in The News

Thought I'd share a couple of photos shot by my favorite photographer, Jon Willoughby. I was so envious of this opportunity, not meeting American Idol Lee DeWyze, but being on the FIELD at Wrigley Field. I was a baseball girl in my youth, and I love Wrigley Field, it's magical! A vision in green, and a must see if you're ever in Chicago, even if the Cubs are losing. Jon gets assignments from Time Out Chicago, a local publication and web sight. I asked him if I could ride his coat tails today and post these photos. Lee's home town is a couple of towns over from us. Every storefront, light pole and marque has his name and photo on it. Good for Lee and good for Mount Prospect. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the missing photo...

Finished pillowcases, forgive me, I'm still learning.

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I am working on pillowcases for our service project and for myself. All the fabric is cut, but it's hard for me to pair the cuffs and the body of the case. A trip to the fabric store seems to precede any sewing lately.

I am also experimenting with dyeing tissue to make some of those beautiful vintage looking flowers that are all over the web and at all the shows. This tissue I dyed using a diluted solution of walnut ink and the ink straight from the sprayer. I've made lots of these flowers before, think homecoming floats, wedding cars in the 70's and the big Mexican style flowers with brightly colored tissues. I just want to make a couple, but all I seem to be making is a mess.

This lovely book and flower I bought at the NaDa Farm Sale. This flower is made from sewing pattern paper, so charming.

I've also included a photo of some completed pillowcases. Just so you know I've actually finished some and I'm happy with the pairing choices. So much to do, so little time... Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Wonderful Day

We had a great time today my DH and I, visiting friends at 2 great sales. First we were on the farm, Anne Marie's NaDa Farm. It was just amazing. So many beautiful things to see, arranged in a take your breath away setting. I wanted EVERYTHING. The beautiful hand painted pillows, the upholstered furniture, the aprons, antiques, there were literally dozens of things that I just loved. Then there was the Patisserie, filled with wonderful cookies, cakes and cinnamon rolls. It was obvious these girls worked their hearts out to make this show dazzle. I walked away with a few beautiful items, and inspiration to last for quite a while. It was also so sweet to see Anne Marie and Jennifer again. We first met in February, at a Illinois Bloggers Event. They are inspiring women, talented and so kind. Sorry I missed you Joy, but I found the string, and bought 3 rolls. After our trip to the farm, we took off to the sale at Graue Mill in Oakbrook. Joan and Heidi were there. Joan always has unique items, and I found several I had to have. It's so nice when Mr. English Valley gets to visit with Mr. Anything Goes Here. Joan and Fred are the nicest people, and fun to visit with at any show. Heidi was lovely as ever and her space was full of beautiful things. I was able to deliver some delicious cookies from the NaDa sale, to Joan and Heidi, compliments of Jennifer. What a great day, and what special ladies these bloggers are. We ended the day with a fire in the yard and talked about all the great things we saw and the people we visited. My husband is the best, so happy to make me happy. We drove around the countryside and enjoyed every minute together. What a blessing a day like today is, truly a gift. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Our Deck

I started geraniums, blue salvia, bacopa...

The boots have creeping jenny in them...

My rustic angel watches over the pond...

The chairs are out, and we're waiting for company. Come on by! Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

I read about an Estate Sale on Saturday morning, and though my DH had his car in the shop, again, he drove me in my car (he hates my car) to a local sale. I found a great suitcase for $6! I also bought the enameled pan just like one my Buscia had back in the day, and the folding measure thingie, help me Joan, what are they called? An old Illinois booklet, from 1953, some reflective offray ribbon, and a little glass dish. The books came from a school sale we found on the way home, as did the font cd's from Stampin Up. Anybody else crazy for collecting fonts?
Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Window Photos

Indulge me while I bask in the glory of windows that open and close! These are in my living room. The small window is over the sink in the kitchen. I have so much junk that used to sit on that windowsill, because the window never worked. Where will the winnie the pooh and tigger weebles sit now? How about the A&P jar with the acorn caps and cicada wing? Maybe a small shelf for my treasures is in order.

The shawl I finished while the work swirled around me. I have nervous energy, and my hands being busy helps. Oh, and are those my new windows in the background... Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Living in a Treehouse

I love how the house looks from the inside without windows. I imagine birds flying in through the front and out the back windows, but the only things flying in are the occasional bug. All work will be done by this evening, then we have to put everything in it's place. I'm finishing a crochet project while I "supervise" but I can't wait to get back to some projects. Am I the only one who hasn't planted yet? Gotta do that too. Right now I'm giddy about my windows! Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Four Feathered Friends

The nest that I photographed last week is cozy and filled with 4 precious baby Robins. I hope it's cozy, we've had some strange weather the last couple of days. Today, couldn't be more lovely. sunny, clear and windy. Hope where ever you are, you're enjoying this beautiful day.

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