Wednesday, September 9, 2020

My Brother Greg

I lost my Brother Greg last week.  I spoke to him on Sunday and on Tuesday he was gone.  Greg is the brother who always remembered our parents birthday and anniversary.  He'd call in the last year just to see how I was doing.  Greg had the best stories, running jokes with his beautiful granddaughters and my kids.  As if the world didn't seem empty enough without Tyke, now there is another void in out family that will never be filled.

I loved Greg and so did Tyke.  They would start watching a football, baseball game or movie and pretty soon they would both be sleeping. They loved a nap, followed by a good meal, then maybe another snooze.  Nothing made me happier than all the sofas, chairs and floor to be filled with sleeping guys, and a very occasional sleeping lady.  On a holiday or fall Sunday, the peanut jar was filled and they were happy campers. A baby was another excuse to nap, as long as they were holding a baby...  My dear SIL Elizabeth, Greg's wife and their wonderful kids and grand kids are suffering a great loss. The pandemic makes it terribly hard on them and all of us who would like to be there to comfort, cry and grieve together. 

I have my little sweethearts taking care of me, or is it the other way around?  This loss has brought back so many feelings, memories and thoughts.  When the girls see me sad they put their little heads on my lap.  It is the best comfort for me.  Greg lived a good life, was generous and worked extremely hard, He made friends where ever he went. He had just retired and had plans to travel.  We will miss him so. He leaves behind  a legacy of love and so many happy and funny memories.  Greg always said I was his favorite sister.  I always reminded him I was his ONLY sister ! 💔

Take care everyone.
Love, Penny