Monday, November 25, 2013


I've got a roof over my head
I've got a warm place to sleep
Some nights I lie awake counting gifts
Instead of counting sheep

I've got a heart that can hold love
I've got a mind that can think
There may be times when I lose the light
And let my spirits sink
But I can't stay depressed
When I remeber how I'm blessed

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful I am
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed
And duly grateful

In a city of strangers
I've got a family of friends
No matter what rocks and brambles fill the way
I know that they will stay in the end

I feel a hand holding my hand
It's not a hand you can see
But on the road to the promised land
This hand will shepherd me
Through delight and despair
Holding tight and always there

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful I am
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed
And duly grateful

It's not that I don't want a lot
Or hope for more, or dream of more
But giving thanks for what I've got
Makes me so much happier than keeping score

In a world that can bring pain
I will still take each chance
For I believe that whatever the terrain
Our feet can learn to dance
Whatever stone life may sling
We can moan or we can sing

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful I am
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed
And duly grateful

Lyrics by John Buchinno

Dear friends, this song starts so many of my days. I am so very grateful for my life and it's blessings, that includes you my friends! Taking a blogging break this week, but had to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

With Love, Penny

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Fifty Years Ago Today

We were home from school after a half day. It was our principal's feast day, Sister Cecilia. At the school I went to, St. Josephat in Chicago, a half day was not unusual. I went home and watched...Bozo, that's what we did every lunch time. I have no memory of my brother's being there...just me and my Mom. A bulletin came over the TV that the President was shot. Fifty years later my heart still sinks whenever a news bulletin interrupts a show. The world seemed to stop, and it would never be quite the same after.

Being so young, remembering images from the days following. It makes me emotional to this day. It was, much like a bad dream.

As an adult, visiting Washington, the one place I had to go was President Kennedy's grave... The first time we went, we were actually turned away, as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had just died and they were preparing the grave site. When on another visit we did visit his grave. It is a very beautiful spot, but so very sad. I stood with my family, wondering what might have been.

So today, like millions, I am remembering President Kennedy.

Don't let it be forgot,
That once there was a spot
For once brief shining moment
That was known as Camelot.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mr. Cub Goes to Washington

Yesterday, Ernie Banks was honored at the White House and awarded the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a civilian can receive.

You may remember this photo, taken by my favorite photographer, Jon Willoughby, of Robert Redford and Ernie on opening day a couple of years back. In that post I also mentioned a incident in my life related to Ernie's 500th home run...

Ernie Banks is an icon in Chicago sports...and the only reason I got a detention in High School. (I was listening to my transistor radio in Theology class (my first mistake) when Ernie Banks hit his 500th home run...I felt the need to share it... (stupid mistake) The result, one Saturday morning in the "Breakfast Club."

Ernie is Chicago. A example of positivity, friendly openness, charm, the eternal optimist. A humble man, a hero to all Chicago kids. I love Ernie Banks. (Yes, Oprah was also awarded the same honor, but she is not Chicago, the way Ernie is. )

Years ago my brother Greg met Ernie. Greg asked for his autograph for my nephews and Ernie was so glad to oblige... Ernie asked about the boys and also asked Greg, "How's the wife?". I love that story, and loved hearing it again from Greg this morning, checking my facts.;-). Greg said he was the nicest guy, and his personal favorite too.

Congratulations Ernie, you made us proud. Let's play two!

Love, Penny

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Groceries and other concerns...

When I get out of bed each morning, first thing, I check the skies.

The sunrise this morning went from a slight red glow to this in a matter of minutes.

A great way to start the day.
Red sky at night sailor's delight,
Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning!

On our walk, we helped "clean" the neighbors lawn by picking up
some Osage oranges.

Still organizing, cleaning...putting things in place.

I had no idea how long or how hard it would be to move down all my
STUFF.  I am not close to finishing, but my work spaces are clear.
I have found treasures and trash.
Carloads have left the house and an occasional bag will sneak in.

After a few projects to quickly finish before guests arrive,
my thoughts go to...

How are you doing?  Have you started shopping for the feast?  I do not have a final headcount, but I am buying like everyone is coming.  I am not a good shopper when it comes to groceries.  We have a great market near by, in fact the new market has forced the other marketsin the neighborhood to improve service, facilities and even prices.  If I shop with a list, I leave the list at home, lose the list, forget a pen..  It's comical really. It will take me several outings to get everything I need.  Then Thanksgiving morning... I FORGOT THE.......fill in the blank...foil, cloves, sour cream...  My Mom is laughing on a cloud somewhere.  How I actually get a dinner on the table is a minor miracle.

Hope that your preparations are going smoothly, and if not, you are not alone!  Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Stormy Weekend

All day Saturday it rained, poured.  We went out to do some
usual Saturday wanderings.  On Sunday the real storms hit.
For us it was just 20 to 30 minutes of intense rain and hail.
The wind just whipped the rain and hail onto the house.
Mike left for work at the worst possible time...
The streets were flooded, he confided later, and
it took him much longer to safely navigate the flooded streets.
But we were the lucky ones.
Downstate, there was an outbreak of tornadoes.
On November 18th.
Imagine, the families that lost a loved one, and those who won't have a home for the holidays.
So many people's lives.

But then comes the morning...

This song came to me first thing.

Yesterday's sorrows behind...
A song we sang in choir in the 70's

Another one...
I know nothing of tomorrow...
except the love of God, will rise before the sun...

Nations shake and Earth may quake and storm clouds tend to gather
trouble seems as deep and black as night
Shades of gloom and threats of doom
I see but I would rather
Watch the darkness fade in morning's light...

Our neighbor lost a giant limb off their willow.

Blessed it fell away from our houses.

  Praying for our neighbors all over Illinois and Indiana.  Life is so fragile,
and can change in a moment.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Loose Ends

I posted this photo and quote on face book and thought you might enjoy
seeing it here.  The days are flying by and I am trying to tie up
some loose ends before our Thanksgiving festivities begin.

I made little favors for my guild sisters.  I don't drink tea myself,
but love the idea of it. I printed these cards on the computer and added the
ruler stamp and ribbon.

Blessed Beyond Measure!
I'll make some for our dinner table and for my family.

I missed our auction last night.  I needed the rest more than
the fun. Still nursing the cold that will not go away.
 Just 16 days till Thanksgiving!

Bittersweet, from my very own vine.  It didn't look like this when picked,
but popped it's husk after drying.

I didn't post a photo of our snowfall earlier this week.  You know I love snow, but not when my dearest
is flying.  Just as the wind really started to blow, he was headed north... By the way, no snow in Canada, where he was headed.  They are making snow for their ski resorts!

My posts may be few and far between till after the holiday, or I might be inspired to post never know!  Things will get done, or maybe they won't.  Who will notice?  Just GRATEFUL for so many things..
A house that needs my attention, when so many are homeless, food that needs buying and preparing when so many are hungry, a family that loves me, and I them, when so many are lonely.  Brings me back to Blessed Beyond Measure.  I am and pray that you are blessed too.

Have a great weekend my friends.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paper Source, be still my heart...

When I visited the Paper Source the other night I was overwhelmed.
So many cool things, so much inspiration.
I decided to get some things I could use for Christmas.
This garland is perfect.  I have a snowflake mobile,
and this will compliment it.  Show you when it's completed.

They had this graphic on placemats and books...
I got this small bag...using a projector, I will try
to recreate this on a chalkboard. 

The giftwrap will be diecut for tags.  I have it in my mind's eye...
Let you know how it works out.

Going to take myself for a little field trip again before Christmas.  They had many great gift ideas.

A busy week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Thrifting Mojo is Back!

It's been weeks since I found anything worth sharing.  I think I hit the jackpot
on this purse...not because of the purse itself,
but because of the buttons.
There are hundreds of buttons sewn on this baby. 
It's not something I would carry,
but I will use the buttons for other things.
How many mother of pearl buttons does
$1.99 get you at the fabric store?
It's a cool find!

Thinking of someone as cute as a button...

A small girl in NY will enjoy this puzzle,
though her daddy is freaked out by the rooster sound.

A few vintage ornaments.

Three brand new Food Network Christmas napkins.
In person they sparkle!

A little collection of glassware and a small bamboo cutting board.

This was the pick of the day...a small round table.
Looks like it might have been a shop project.
Such pretty lines, and sturdy.
It was in some one's garage for a long time...
How do I know?

It's written right on the top.  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Autumn Post

I can't help myself.
Everywhere I look
I see another beautiful
photo of Autumn.

The skies are bluer,
the light is different.

The Sun, low in the sky lights up the water
and it glistens.

Everyone is enjoying it.

Some of the leaves are hanging on, it is
the second week of November.

It's like a dream...

a beautiful Autumn dream.

Thanks for sharing these dreamy moments with me.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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