Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Girl's World

Coming off the holiday is hard for me.  Everyone goes home and I'm a little let down.   I was so happy when my dear friend Barb from Babs Just a Babblin sent me a photo of a little purse she found cruzin the web on her ipad.  It was on a amazing blog called Tangled Happy, and the post was called Boutique Bags.  It got me crocheting, and the bag above is my first attempt.  It's such an easy pattern, and I'm fast with the granny stitch.  I've made 3 and I'm working on my 4th.  A perfect  gift for a little girl, or for my friend Barb who  has great ideas. Thanks Barb!
My Kristen brought me this book for Easter.  Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli.  I love her colorful photos, and her Sis Boom fabric line is really beautiful.  Nothing has jumped out at me yet saying MAKE ME, but there are many inspiring ideas. 
Have you ever looked at the fabric department at Ikea?  The white with black and  green print has been my favorite for a while.  I've made pillowcases for so many family and friends with this fabric.  It's just charming.  At $5.99 a yard for 60 inch wide fabric, it's a bargain and it's the perfect weight.  If you've been to Ikea lately you've seen all the floral print accessories  that match this blue print fabric... napkins, paper cups, trays and even tablecloths in this happy floral pattern.   
There was an Estate sale right on my block.  I picked up the colander, didn't every house have one back in the day.  Another storage jar, some measuring cups...aren't they cool?  I have my Mom's glass juicer and now have a collection. (Yes, three makes anything a collection;-)
 I do love the look of anything old!

Have a great weekend...Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Flowers and Friends

My last post about Easter is about flowers and friends.  What would life be without them?  Having Doug's family with us was especially nice.

 Kris invites friends too,
 Doug's doing a Marlon Brando imitation with the orange rind in his mouth.
Wish you could see this beautiful girl's tattoo.  She's a fighter and has overcome so much.  Audrey and Kedge, come visit anytime!

Three different bunches of flowers... perfect together!
 From Doug's Mom and Dad
 And white daisys and Easter Lilies from my dearest one!
Thank God for all of our blessings...

...and may they live happily ever after!

 Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday and a Little Brunch

We had 26 guests to our annual Easter Sunday Brunch.  Only our son Jon had to work the holiday, but he was able to join us later in the afternoon.  Everything went smoothly, no fire, no flood (read last year's post) on time and bountiful!  I did pare down the menu a bit, since my aspirations did not match my energy levels.  Panera supplied the bread this year, though I did bake the Dutch oven bread for the blessing, and two side dishes were eliminated.  We still had enough food to feed an army, and everyone found something they liked... The only thing we ran out of was bacon...but no amount of crispy bacon is enough, right? 
 I sent home so many desserts, and still have some in the freezer and a half of a cheesecake!

 I love artichokes as flowers, everyone loved the look.
 Muffins and more muffins...
 My SIL Mindy brought me these adorable ducks...named Donald and Daisy by the little bird.
 Doug and Kris brought me the edible arrangement...
My SIL Elizabeth made this beautiful arrangement in a mini picnic favorite, hydrangea and those mossy carnations.  I collect picnic baskets, and dear Betty knows what I like!
Most of these photos are after the fact.  Someday I will remember to have someone photograph things before and not after.

Mary's Little Lambcake under glass.  One more Easter post to come.  Flowers, everyone brought me beautiful flowers...more tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Saturday and Visitors from the East

It's a Polish tradition to have the food for your Easter dinner blessed in Church on Holy Saturday.  It's a tradition taken very seriously in the Polish community with 3 blessings done at different times, and two of the blessings are done in Polish.  Last year my husband and I went to a Polish language blessing by mistake and giggled like kids because we didn't understand a word.  This year the only giggling was from me as I tried to turn the ringer off on my phone and accidentally made the phone ring.  I hid under the pew until I stopped laughing and my face turned back to it's natural color and not bright red from embarrassment.  It's a beautiful tradition, with prayers for each food and it's significance to Easter.  It's a way for me to honor my heritage and of course remember my Buscia and wonderful Mom.  I use a new basket, but still have the basket that my Buscia used each year.  It is too fragile to carry the weight of the food, but I cherish it just the same.

 Our basket had a butter lamb, colored eggs, Polish sausage, homemade bread and some treats.
The decorations are always lovely at our Church.  These banners were made by my talented artist friend and Guild Sister Shirley.
 I asked my husband to skip into Church with the basket.  The things he puts up with...he's a Saint!
My dear friend Mary bakes and delivers me a beautiful Lamb cake every year.  She is the sweetest, and took pity on me because of my inability of baking a lamb with ears, face or behind.  She'll never know what this act of kindness means to me each year, though I try to tell her.  She is just one of those special people that are a real blessing, and I am so grateful for her loving gift of "Mary's Little Lamb(cake)" each Easter.

To top off our Holy Saturday, we welcomed visitors from the East, my dear daughter Kristen and her Doug and Doug's family.  Doug's Mom and Dad and brother drove into Chicago and included a visit to our home for coffee and cake on Saturday after dinner with Kristen and Doug.  They also stayed to enjoy our Easter Brunch, and that my friends,  is the next post!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop the Shed

On Good Friday we headed out to Joy's Shop the Shed event.  The weather was not cooperating.  It was cold and wet, but the fire that burned in the garden was so fragrant, and the welcome from Joy and her dear husband was warm and friendly.  I am always amazed at the talent and creativity that goes into hosting this kind of sale. 
Tents and displays, so beautifully done.

 There were so many beautiful things to purchase.

 Vintage architectural pieces, furniture, tiny gardens with many live plants, like ferns and baby tears.
Without budget restraints this little typewriter would have come home with me.  I've never seen one so small.
What I did purchase was a trellis made from branches, that now has a home in my living room.  I also purchased a maiden hair fern and some baby tears that will end up in a terrarium, or a fairy garden.  Just the inspiration from the displays and Joy's beautiful home was worth the trip. 

There was no time for playing with my new trellis, as we had the busiest Holy Saturday and  Easter Sunday ahead...and that my friends will be another post. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings to You

 Wishing you the comfort of family and friends...
Good food...
 and a giant cheesecake!
God bless all of you with love, happiness and peace.  Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Fabbychic!

Taking a quick break from today's chores to introduce you to Elizabeth, from Fabbychic.  I met Elizabeth at our Illinois Blog Gathering.  In February she didn't have a blog, but I knew from all her questions that she was ripe for one! Now, she is blogging and showing off her new designs. She is a talented designer, and the photo below is of her line of loungery.  She may be new to blogging, but she has been in the creative community for some time.  Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Elizabeth!  Check her out!

And now back to my regularly scheduled pre- holiday preparation's! Have a great day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring in Chicago

It wasn't as surprising as you might think, to look out the window this morning and see snow on April 18th. Many a Easter bonnet and patent leather shoes have been ruined by a Easter snowstorm.

 Even April snow has it's beauty...
I blame myself, for as soon as you put away the shovels, the snow is sure to fall. Silly me.
The hostas and pansies are hearty sorts,
and the forty degree temperatures forecast for today
should make this snow a happy memory by lunch.
I appreciate you stopping by. A busy week ahead, take care.

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