Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day, Go Cubbies!

The stories I could tell about Opening Day in Chicago...

First, you freeze, April in Chicago is unkind. Friends, oh, the best friends...Kren, Sobie and Marc. Left Field, the ONLY place to sit. The Bleacher Bums, beer, songs, cheers, spilled beers, coming home smelling like beer even though you never drank a drop. The players, soooo cute. (I was a teenager, even the beer vendor is cute.) The field, Wrigley is THE most beautiful ballpark. Oh yeah, the game. I know baseball,  I play catch. I've made some incredible catches in my day, right Sue? The Cubs never signed me.

My son Jon, the photographer who took this photo, will be at Wrigley today taking pictures. ROBERT REDFORD is throwing out the first pitch! Oh, to be at opening day.

I'll close my post with a song... If you know it, sing along! Let me set the stage...

Dick Selma is in the bullpen...He points at Left Field, and with his hand raised high, starts to make circles in the sky...with that, the Bums start singing.....

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, Every time I go to town, boys all kick my dog around, makes no difference if he is a hound, better stop kickin' my dog around!

What did this have to do with baseball? Nothing I suppose. Just makes me all misty eyed remembering.
Let's play two!


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