Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

Once every four years we're rewarded with a little says the Huffington Post as I looked up Leap Day.  Actually to add a day every four years helps sync up the Gregorian calendar with the solar calendar.  Thank goodness there are brilliant minds working on this, God knows if it were up to me...well, it would not be quite so accurate.  Even now, in 3,000 years we will be a little bit off .  It will add up eventually, and just try to take a day off the calendar. Nobody wants that job!

So as you see I am rushing the season with my cherry blossom wreath on the front door. 
 Sure cheers up the joint! ;-)   
 My walk today was cold but clear and sunny.  My favorite kind of walking weather.  We had a busy weekend.  A visitor from the east,  son Mikey was here for a long weekend.  The kids all got together for a day long birthday celebration for Jon and Doug.  SO wonderful to have Mike in the house at least for a few hours.  The gang was over for breakfast on Sunday and some stayed for a nap and dinner to celebrate some more.  Jon wanted meatloaf for his birthday dinner.  It was a good call, there was one slice left of a huge meatloaf.  Do any of you add a boiled egg whole in a meatloaf?   I don't know how this recipe started but Mom always did her's that way.  I made all kinds of sides and purchased bread after a dutch over bread fail.
Don't know if it was the yeast or what, but a disappointment.  No disappointment on the cheesecake.  After making it for 30 years I finally have made a near perfect cheesecake.  No photos, of course, but not a slice was left after all was said and done. Our little bird who is not so little anymore, said she didn't have words to say how delicious the cheesecake was.  My nephew ordered a cheesecake for his next birthday! I guess they really liked it!
We had the babygrand overnight and enjoyed her company as the grownups celebrated at a city watering hole.  We made a movie of Penny's "Coronation". I  Penny takes her job as Princess very seriously and now we have the film to prove it.  So sweet, so funny and priceless time together.
I did get a few things done including some towels I transferred some images to.  Some pillowcases, and other projects are keeping me out of trouble at home.
Does a Mom's heart good to see her kids having a great time together, loving each other and celebrating together.  That's what it's all about, Family! They are each so different, but the same kind and good hearts. Couldn't be happier to call them mine...sorry honey, OURS!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FUN and more Fun

 We've had wind and warm and maybe tomorrow snow.  I was outside picking up the damage from the wind storm, from giant branches to small sticks, just wanting to be OUT not IN and waiting, patiently waiting, for spring.  That was the topic of my very first blog post SIX YEARS AGO!  It is still true, sometime after Valentine's Day I get cabin fever and want out!
 I put my feelings into a little decorating.  A sweet forsythia garland and a thrifted bunny.
 He's glittery and filled with the promise of spring.
 Easter is still weeks away so I will bring out small tokens of spring slowly, just like nature does.
 A nest here...
A birthday gift from my sweet SIL Elizabeth.
 Some birds there...
cupcake cups from dear Jean.

I spent the day with my grand daughter and made cupcakes for her daddy.  We have so much FUN.  I mean the belly laugh, giggle and snuggle kind of fun.  Singing songs as cats,(pick a melody, meow to it!) watching cat videos.(Keyboard Cat, 96 Tears, You Tube)  Reading books. Napping in Grandpa's chair with her in my arms,  Precious days.  This girl makes me laugh.  She named her imaginary cat husband Tuna Fish!  We bought the largest container of sprinkles at the grocery store, and picked out cards together.  Her Dad got a Winnie the Pooh card and she suggested that I get him a Scooby Doo card, so I did.  Seeing the world in a completely different way because of her.  Also a recent visit with my best friend ever reminded me of the girl I was and still am on the inside.  I am, proud to admit, quite silly.  Penny brings that out in me again.  I love her more than words can express, and she loves me!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekend Update

With a four day weekend to enjoy, we had a great time with our babygrand on Saturday and Sunday. Early Saturday we hit a couple of thrifts located a couple of towns over.  I hit the jackpot with a pair of official Frozen shoes.  They are frozen blue with snowflakes on the toe.  A little french heel made them so fancy and irresistible to our girl.  We went out for pizza at her favorite place Saturday evening, made fairy clay, playing all sorts of games and pretending before we brought her home in a snowstorm Sunday afternoon.  I forgot to mention it was bake sale weekend at Church, so there was setting up on Saturday, working the 7:30 am Mass  on Sunday and picking up all the decorations when the Masses ended at 12:30.  No wonder I fell asleep during the first ten minutes of Downton Abbey.  Thank goodness for the DVR!
We wanted to visit these snow sculptures when they were first made last week in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, but were not disappointed when we saw them on Monday.  The Lake looks frozen over, but someone lost their life over the weekend when their snow machine went through the ice. Very tragic but avoidable.
 It was so gloomy that there is no contrast between the snow and the sky.
 I don't know if this was supposed to be the Iron Giant, a cartoon character that all my boys loved growing up, but I loved the heart carved right into him.
 Hearts mean love, our girl always says.
 Amazing to see these were all carved from  blocks of snow.
 Here's a guy with a heart as big and soft as can be. A happy happy birthday that will be celebrated again when we are all together ( including Mike!) later this month.  What could make me happier!
Meanwhile...In the craft department...
 I recently scored this little tabletop ironing board.  I only iron for crafting and only had a flat surface to iron on. I added some poly fleece first, them a double layer of cotton batting.
 Bargain, right?
 Had to buy this, but had a coupon!
Got out the trusty old staple gun, though particle board is not the easiest surface to staple into. I had to pound some of the staples in with a hammer.
 A thrifted sheet made the cover...
 A sheet is yards of fabric for a couple of dollars, when I'm lucky enough to find them.  Pretty easy project.  Can't tell you how often I wished I had one of these ironing boards. Now I do.
Well, on my birthday, while we were up behind the cheddar curtain, as we here in Chicagoland call Wisconsin, we hit the Goodwill.  With a $5 coupon in my hot little hand and a 25% birthday month discount, I went shopping.  How about this wreath?  Loved the white sunflowers, quality flowers with buds and realistic leaves.  Don't know if it will be taken apart or used as is.  A bargain at $3.99.
 We saw similar flowers for $20 each at another shop.
 Then this bunch.  I wanted the peony and bud, but also liked the interesting spiky flower.  Even my floral designing SIL Elizabeth wasn't sure what they are.
 Look how beautifully this bouquet was tied..
 Found two jars I collect and a shawl not pictured.  (In the wash) I am collecting shawls for our family's fall  barn wedding. They will be displayed in a basket with a sign that will say,  Chilly?  Borrow Me.
Last, ten yards of embrodiered ribbon.  With my coupon, and birthday discount I spent about $7.00.  I was giddy at the register.  My dearest, God bless him, gets a kick out of my bargain hunting.

Sixty One feels just like 16, except I have a date ;-)   So grateful to be loved by my family and friends. (when I'm not driving them crazy.)  Glad I still have spirit enough to make my kids roll their eyes at me;-) Grateful for their love and constant support. My biggest (my hubby) and littlest (babygrand) blessings bring me so much joy, and unconditional love and make every day an adventure.  Glad to be healthy enough to walk with determination, a spring in my step and a song in my heart. I am forever grateful for this gift called life!
 "The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Thanks for all your kind comments and enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Today is February 11th.  Christmas was yesterday, Easter tomorrow.  Time flies!  So I am enjoying today.

Starting with waking up in a warm bed with an equally warm hubby.  A hot shower, jeans, a cozy shirt and sweater combo.
 I'll walk in the neighborhood, though it's in the single digits this morning.  Something about the cold cold air and sunshine is irresistible.

I love the squeek of snow underfoot.  The quiet, except for the occasional car.

I enjoy the winter outside, by February, I want some spring inside.  A thrifted print on the mantle...

Some faux bulbs that my babygrand helped me plant in this glass vessel.  She took fistfuls of gravel and gently filled around the bulbs.  Penny enjoys decorating, and loves to arrange things around the house for me.
 She is the first to notice if I've changed things or added something new.  I love that!

A little green here and there.

 All faux but so pretty.

Tick tock, tick, tock...
Enjoy this beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One of those weeks...

photo credit Laury Chimerofsky
Well, it started very sad when our dear friend Sue lost her Mom after a long illness.  We all went to the funeral to pay our respects.  Bittersweet, we've been through losing all of our parents, except one.  Dear Jack, Laury's Dad, is our last surviving parent.  We are as one of us stated, " 61 year old orphans".

The service, as funerals go, was lovely.  The Pastor said the Mass and the Homily was personal, kind, and warm.  We are all lapsed Catholics, but found solace in his words.
 We planned a pizza night while Sue and Laury were in town, and I offered our home so we could really visit
and hear each other. Noisy restaurants make conversation a chore.
Paper plates, plastic tablecloth, nothing fancy, except the guests. Friends for 48 years.  I am actually the newcomer, some have been friends since first and second grade.
We ordered pizza and salads, the girls brought delicious desserts.  We sat around the table, as I lit a fire and we did what we always do when we are together, talk and laugh.  My face hurt from smiling.
 Sue brought me these amazing flowers.
Beautiful, so like our friendship.

From left to right; Sue, me, Sue and Dot...Our Guys, Laury, Ron, Kev and my dearest.  Sue and Ron will be married forty years this May, as will we, my dearest and I in July. Sue and Laury newly weds at 38 years, Dot and Kev close behind.  Pretty amazing in today's world.

New Friends and Old Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New made friendships, like new wine,
Age and mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test-
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,
Friendship never know decay.
For'mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas! may die,
New friends must their place supply.
Cherish friendship in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
These are silver, these are gold.
Joseph Parry

 I hope you are blessed with friendships that make your heart swell with love and affection.  Thank you for stopping by and for your kindness.  Enjoy this beautiful day.