Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Wishes

Just a few things out of the Christmas box. Since I started my blog in the spring, this is my first winter to show you some of my Christmas and winter items. Glued to a metal snowflake this little bird stays up well into January.
This theatre was all printed material from a program my dear husband bought for me, lost for 5, yes, 5 years, and then found. I've used so many of the images in my work. I'd like to try this style of theatre again, with real photos.
This winter banner is one of my favorite cold weather decorations. I remember I had everything I needed at home, and it came together in a snap. Don't you love when that happens? Maybe we'll have some real snow tonight. Until next time, stay warm.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

We Need A Little Christmas!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is officially the day I start thinking about Christmas. This weekend I took it easy, crocheted while watching the Bears on TV. Then made the mistake of watching the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, November Christmas. I don't know what made me cry more, the movie or the commercials. Anyway, today I'll put away the autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, and clear the decks for everything Christmas. I started this garland last year and finished it up while watching Anne of Green Gables on our local PBS station. That made me cry too, especially Matthew, the dearest of the characters.
As you can see I was a little sentimental this weekend. Saying goodbye to my daughter, and son Jon is always hard. Having the house filled to the rafters and then so quiet is a hard transition. My nephew Greg came to bring me these beautiful poinsettias on Friday. The sweetness of that act of kindness made my day. I've been an Aunt for 41 years. My nieces and nephews are so very special to me, and they make me feel special too. What a blessing.
Our dear Emma spent Friday and Saturday with us, again, time so special to me. She wrote this on our blackboard...
The things that she wants are the truly important things. At ten years old she is wise beyond her years. I guess I'm still in the Thanksgiving mood, still counting my blessings. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Cold!!

Oh baby, it's cold outside. The dishes are done, the fridge is filled with leftovers, and there's a fire set up in the fireplace I never thought to light yesterday. I perfect day to snuggle in, cozy up and enjoy the afterglow of a beautiful Thanksgiving. No shopping for this tired girl. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Beekman Boys

If you've never seen or heard of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you soon will. They have their own show on Planet Green. Josh and Brent are city boys that fell in love with a farm called the Beekman. They purchased the farm, which changed their lives. I opened the latest issue of Country Living, and the Beekman and Josh and Brent are featured in a 10 page spread. These wonderful guys are on the verge of fame and fortune, but I loved them from the first show. They've revived a creative community in Sharon Springs, a town that time forgot. They've started a business selling chemical free goats milk soap and other locally made goods, embraced organic and sustainable farming, and are living a dream that so many have. I really like these guys, and find their story so compelling. Their home shines with warmth and holiday cheer on the pages of Country Living. On Wednesday, December 8th the "Boys" are hosting a Holiday Special, at 8:00pm central on Planet Green. (As they say, check your local listings) You can be sure I will be watching!

It's 4 days till Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see my Daughter and Doug, and my Sons and my Brothers, their Wives, my Nieces and Nephews. I love when my Husband says grace and thanks God for our many blessings. We remember my Mom and Dad, they always come up in our conversations at dinner. The house will smell of cloves and oranges, and then, it will feel like Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for my family.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Days of Thanksgiving

The cabinet is topped with stuff from every where...

A pretty vignette on Mom's desk with Dad's clock...

When I'm not moving furniture, I'm crocheting...using what I have. Some nice combinations come out of frugality.
I am so grateful for the legacy of creativity, passed down from my Grandmothers and my Mom. I wonder how many generations of women in our family sewed, crocheted, knitted for their families.

To all the women who came before me, I am grateful...

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Matthew Mead Inspires Again

I received Matthew Mead's Holiday magazine this Friday in the mail. As I paged through it, this vintage subway sign inspired project caught my eye. One of those moments when you say, I want to make this NOW! I had a large canvas already painted with my wall color. My son Jon was tossing two canvases when I snatched them up for projects unknown. One turned into a large blackboard, with a coat of blackboard paint. The other primed with my wall color seemed to be waiting for just this project. I purchase packages of vinyl letters at a rummage sale in the spring, so I started... Without a ruler, I just put down the letters, making sure they were not too crooked. I had a new can of bone white paint that I rolled over the canvas and the letters. I learned this technique from Joan at Anything Goes Here. She made the coolest signs this spring, and shared with me how it was done.
The secret is to not let the paint completely dry before removing the letters. I used a kitchen knife with a sharp tip to get under the letters.

This is the finished piece. It's hard to see the blue color of the letters, but it looks good in person. Not perfect...some of the previous colors came up after removing the letters, but adds to it's charm. This quick attempt has inspired me to make one on plain canvas as in the magazine. Next time I'll line up the words differently, and maybe even try one in back and white with blue line stops, or Manhattan stops or Paris stops! The truth is I still haven't unpacked my stuff from last weeks auction, and that white paint was really for my window sills. Just 9 days till Thanksgiving! Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Auction Report

I survived. After a 22 hour bug that knocked me flat, I gathered up all the stamina this old girl could muster, and hosted our auction. The auction moved well, the bidding was slow on some items, crazy on others. The silent auction, filled in for our lack of a raffle this year and went well. The most response I got to my decorating was on the wrapping paper I used as a runner on the dessert table...people loved it! Go figure.
My Kristen sent this hand knit bag from her Etsy shop and I was the highest bidder, Yeah!
TGIF!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Work, Play, Create...

Enjoying the work,
It's feeling like play...
Creating a bit...
Inspired by so many... (Check out Jennifer Rizzo's new shop) I'm almost finished...Wish me luck!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mikey

Our baby turns 26 today. So kind, sweet, smart, talented and funny. He plays bass guitar and is amazing on stage. Really talented, and so cool. He helps people all day at the local library, with patience that amazes me. He's a great guy, with a big heart. I love to hear him laugh, and watch him turn to mush when our little bird says hi. He's the real deal, handsome, strong and thoughtful. We're so proud of you Mike, and love you so very much. Happy happy birthday.

Last night we went to the fireworks at the local fancy pants mall. The show was amazing. We watched a couple of hundred feet away from where the fireworks were launched. I love the feel of the sound hitting you. It was cold, but we were well bundled and hugged to keep warm. I think I prefer cold weather fireworks to summer. Not a mosquito bite, no humidity...and the snuggling, well that never happens on the 4th of July.

As we took our walk around the mall, I had to stop at the Pottery Barn windows. This table setting was beautiful. It had a garden feeling with the paper whites, birds and terra cotta pots.

I'm just procrastinating, time to get back to work. Have a great weekend my friends.

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