Thursday, June 30, 2016

Paper Source Warehouse Sale

These are the things I found at the Paper Source Warehouse Sale I went to with my girls.  When you walked in they handed you a shopping bag.  Some shoppers had several, many had them double bagged.  I was being good, or trying to be good.  Paper is a favorite of mine.
 There are bags for Halloween, tags and cardboard shapes for making Christmas ornaments.
 The owls are for a certain girl's wedding shower...
 Cute cards, sorry for the sideways view.
 There are many many shapes stacked.  Imagine a winter kitchen table covered in glitter, paints and glue, with three wonderful girls...this time I mean the little ones.
 This is a giant burlap bag.  Hoping to use it for the shower or wedding.
 Maybe this will help me get my days straight.;-)
 I LOVE this paper.  I have used paper by Graphic 45 for many a crafting project.  This pad has pages for each of the twelve months of the year, plus a patterned paper to match.
 The graphics are awesome.
 The paper is heavy and beautiful on each side.
 Love this French toile looking print.
 Sweet quotes and sayings for the whole year.
Finally this wrapping paper that went directly on the wall of my office.  I missed photographing all of Penny's loot, she had coloring books, sand stamps, stuffed characters, a small jewelry case, and many paper stickers and such.  A great time was had by all.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The End of June

Does any month pass as quickly as the month of June?  You just get your plants in the ground, the roses of Spring are spent and the hydrangeas put on their annual show.  Well, the Annabelle are, the Endless Summer are on strike for the second year. I got one or two blooms last year.  Not sure what the problem is there.  So... it's the end of June, the Independence Day celebrations are next week and then the summer seems to slip away.  I am trying to savor every minute.
 We did a little thrifting in Wisconsin.  I found this blanket, king sized and sent a photo to my daughter...Yes, she was interested.
A seventy dollar blanket for $6.00. 
 This little throw, 100% wool will look great in my winter display outside the front door.  I have some plaid thermos' a sled, skates and skis.  Not to rush the season ;-)
 Washed and air dried and brushed outside.  I still had a reaction and had to change my clothes.  I am not a fan of wool but the look of wool is beautiful.
 Another wool piece, this needlepoint pillow.  It just needed a wash and it is lovely.  All the pillows at the Goodwill are $1.99 each.  Every once in a while I find one I just must save.
 I always appreciate the work involved in something handmade.
 The pattern is called English Garden.  A beautiful platter perfect for a bundt cake...
 So cheerful and perfect for a summer party...
...and if  you should come by this summer, don't forget your complementary bunch of lavender.

We had a great time with our girls, Kristen, Penny and Charlotte at the Paper Source Warehouse Sale in downtown Chicago on Saturday.  I haven't photographed my loot yet.  It was a paper lovers dream.  If you are a fan of the Paper Source, it's a fill a shopping bag sort of event.  You dig through boxes looking for that thing you once saw in the store but could not afford.  I found a few really cool things, but Penny found the most awesome things. It was so nice to be together and have an adventure.  Thank goodness my dearest knows his way around the loop, and is good- natured and patient, waiting for his crazy girls.

Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship.  Have a great week, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, June 20, 2016

In the Good Old Summertime

A happy Father's Day weekend, spending time with our girl while Mom had a trip to New York and Dad caught up on some work at home.    While the small one napped I harvested my annual crop of Lavender, but first we had a whirlwind week end. 
...and here's a little recap.

 After picking up Penny we stopped at the cemetery to pay our respects to my Dad.  Penny thought it was a wonderful place, a place I told her you remember people who have gone to heaven.  
Trying to keep the death part out of the visit, she calmly asked what dead people look like.  I told her I like to remember what people looked like when they were alive.  She is looking for simple answers.  She is much much smarter and more intuitive than most children her age. (4 years old)
We walked through the fields and looked at the many arrangements, spinning things and ornaments.  It was hot and we promised her a trip to the local thrift, so she was anxious to go.

 After the thrift where Penny found some great treasures, we stopped at our favorite place, The Grove.  Penny got right to it doing chores around the homestead.  Sweeping, washing bandanas and hanging them on the line, hauling water from the well...

...and churning butter.  We walked the boardwalk  over the marsh and visited the gift shop for some stickers and a candy stick.

We picked up lunch to take home and Penny then fell asleep.

 While Grandpa and Penny had a snooze, I went out to harvest the Lavender

 It's just a small patch, but every year I get a bigger harvest.

 Smells like heaven.  
Our girl is getting so tall, and that beachy hair, 100% natural!
 After nap time, out we went.  This time to the Lake.  The last time she went with us to the Lake, Penny would not go close to the water.  She asked if there were fish in there...and immediately wanted to go. Well, this time she became a Lake Lover like Grandma and Grandpa.  She took off her shoes and walked the shore with her feet in the waves.   
 Penny said, "Grandma,  Lake Michigan really is as blue as my eyes."
This time she didn't want to leave. Does this Grandma's heart good,  SHE LOVES THE LAKE!  

 Sunday was all about this guy, the sweetest Dad and Grandpa!
 We had breakfast with Kris , Doug and Penny.  Spent the day in the yard, wading pool filled, water balloons, water fights and beach ball games.  Penny made cards for her Dad, Grandpa and for a welcome home to Mom. Topped off with a spaghetti dinner, it was quite the celebration.  A great time was had by all.

In other news...
 I sprayed the cloche stand and the tray I recently thrifted..  

Both pieces benefited from a coat of linen colored spray paint.
I also sewed and located several items for some crafting this week.  When it's just too hot to garden you'll find me at the sewing machine.  I'll report on that soon.

Happy Summer and enjoy this beautiful and longest day of the year!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Rituals of Summer

These roses were hidden in the bramble of bittersweet.
 Since my dearest was born in June, we tend to celebrate in the same way each year.  We love to start the summer with a visit to Ravinia., a 100 +year old Music Festival on the beautiful North Shore. We have been going to Ravinia since our honeymoon, 40 years in August!  It was crazy hot the day we went, but being near the Lake and the fact that you sit in the shade made the day enjoyable.
 Also that we were not rained out as we had been the last two years for the same show was extra nice.  It was Garrison Keillor's last visit to Ravinia and his fourth to the last show of A Prairie Home Companion. before he retires.  It's was great show, but seemed a little somber this time.  Mr. Keillor has had some recent health issues  We so enjoy the people watching, from tiny babies to the very old.
 Folks that attend this typpeof show are easy going and laid back.  Friendly too.
 It's such a lovely place.
 Sharing it with my sweetheart was extra special.   We celebrated his birthday for 4 days, and each ate  too many slices of cheesecake I made to mark the occasion.  (Some with Penny and Kris, some at Ravinia, some with Jon and Charlotte, Elizabeth and Greg.) Thank goodness it's now gone;-)
 We stayed for another performance and left just as the stars were coming out.
 It;s roses, roses, roses at the house.This bush has never bloomed before!

 This one had just a few blooms last year.
 I had to cut some for the table.
 My SIL Elizabeth found this beautiful quilt at a local flea market.  It went through a wash and came out perfect.  It's actually a king sized quilt, but fits my queen sized bed like a spread.
 The colors are teal and blue and pink, roses, roses and more roses!
The blocks are hearts.

Washed and on my bed.  Thanks so much Elizabeth for thinking of me when you saw this.  You win the best buy of the summer, and it's only June!  Elizabeth paid $3.00 for this beauty!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness always.  Enjoy this beautiful day.